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SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred


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Been a bit side track as of late.. 


Picked up this truck for the biz last month from the deep south. 

Got stuck in the south island floods, missioned home. 

Then got the labourer stuck in stripping, sanding and generally wasting time getting it ready for a door shut respray. 

Originally truck spec blue, then shitty white respray... Now mitsy titanium to match our other vehicles. 


Deck is getting rebuilt at the moment and will go off for signage soon. 



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1 hour ago, RUNAMUCK said:

For your P clips, aliexpress or ban. 

I had my wallet raped by a local shop once. Only to then buy a massive swag of them off ali for less than the 5 I'd bought previously.

Yeah I should've ordered these months ago so I'd have them now. 

My last aliexpress order took 3 months to arrive

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