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Aucklands Anon Burger meet!!

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21 hours ago, MIRAGE-MAN said:

Where was everyone? Come on guys, the car Park was pretty much empty tonight. :cry:

Sorry team, was keen as to get in, but was waylaid on the shore at work longer than I’d have liked, then the weather and traffic took it’s toll. By the time I was approaching home I saw @bigfoot going the other way to get to the meet. Wasn’t gonna work. Little guy was gutted. Told him to cheer up, summer’s on the way. 

Life pending I’ll be there next month, hopefully with the little guy too, he loves it!

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First post updated.


this months meet is 19 December!

 from 730pm


also seeing as its Christmas, shall we do a secret Santa again?

find some Automotive or Oldschool applicable gifts/junk, wrap it up and bring it along.

-on the night, come find me, put your present in the pile and I’ll write your name on the list. 

Then once they’re all in, I’ll draw names out of a hat and you’ll receive a secret Santa gift.


Secret Santa will be drawn at 750pm so we can go down and get dinner after.


catch you then!!



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On 19/12/2018 at 14:20, MIRAGE-MAN said:

Your driving the wrong way. @piazzanoob

there's only one man in ak I know with a Piazza. That must've been u.

The only man with a "running" Piazza....


I might make Feb if I can get a car running by then, not many classic cars to look at here in Shanghai (unless you count the near new "classic" VW Santana's)...

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