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HIGHLANDS 501 2017 EDITION, 10-12 November, Cromwell/Wanaka/Queenstown


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Calling all regular attendees and new - time to start thinking about this year's Highlands 101... Fri 10th thru Sun 12th November 2017 in Cromwell, Central Otago.

Jonny/@kiwi808 has kindly volunteered his house, situated halfway between Cromwell and Wanaka, as a possible base of operations, stay posted for more details to come. In 2015 we ended up doing a heap of exploring/sightseeing in addition to spending time at the track, which worked out pretty lush. Perhaps for 2017 we should check out Wanaka?

In the meantime, post general event discussion and itinerary ideas here.


Friday, 10 Nov: Competitor practice sessions. View from the top terrace with a Museum entry ticket, or a weekend pass. Highlands' activities such as go-karts and museum are operating as usual, but there will be none of our usual track activities operating today right through until Monday.

Saturday, 11 Nov: Event tickets are required. Free pit-lane walk. Go-karts operating as usual.

Sunday, 12 Nov: Event tickets are required. Free pit-lane walk. Go-karts operating as usual.

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Cheers for the offer! Yeah last year was the perfect storm of prior commitment clashes all round...

My leave's been preapproved and I'm about to book some flights to Christchurch, so at least I'll be committed to getting to the South Island for the appropriate dates. I'll rent an econobox to get to Cromwell if I have to.

Or buy something oldschool and find an OSGC's house to leave it at for South Island Nats 2018, haha.

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