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  1. I cant make this one either, apologies. Next year should have more free time to partake
  2. Im still here, second ARC Brewery fora good stop. Will try join in for a cruise
  3. Cletus, quick question on suspension strut tower spacers.. Have been told that they will have to be certified to get a WOF, bit left field but im looking at buying a kit for my Forester. They bolt to the top of the struts and space them down and the back comes with a lower control arm drop kit too. Can this sort of kit be certified and would it need to be crack tested first? Its gonna come from Subie Lift Oz if it makes it easuier. 2.5" Front and 3" Rear. Thanks
  4. What dates are they all? Have been meaning to make another trip up Central
  5. Got this thing a wof now so its one step closer to being useable. Got more rust fixed and put some proper size tyres onto the back. Think it needs the carb looked into as she doesn't run the best when cold. Good old Mitsi auto chokes. Anyways whats an update without pictures. Just after WOF on the way back home and after some more paint and some proper tyres to replace the rubber bands.
  6. Got this back together and running ok. I couldnt get the cooling system to bleed properly or the head wasn 't done properly so I gave up on this one and sold it on. Its been funny watching it bounce round facebook down here. Don't expect to see it saved and back on the road again which is a shame. Best pic I got of the van. Black and white to make the paint look better
  7. Been a long time since my last update and not much has changed. Took this fantastic wee beast to the nats in CHCH and had a great time. Only slight problem was cooking the brakes on the way down into Akaroa area. Finally got round to fixing them and ended up having to do the master cylinder as well. Only pic I have from Nationals. Stopped at Hinds to have a nosey and get passed by a house
  8. Trust me the Mini has a hell of a lot less problems than the Falcon did. its minus the dents in the roof to start with
  9. Yeap, swapped her for Mini. Got sick of the continuous problems.
  10. Sorry to hear it gave out but it seems like the perfect time for a proper LD28 conversion
  11. Ive been through under the dash twice and will have to do it again. Part of the cluster has already been fixed in this one too
  12. Always a point. Have to use one and the factory is reading way off
  13. Yeap, has a viscous fan. Temperature seems to hold fine. Need to take it for a proper drive with hills and actually giving it some shit to see how it holds.
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