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  1. Prob not this time. Can't get the time off work and don't feel like commiting to the big drive up on Sat and back on Sunday. Id miss all the nice cruises, relaxing pool and drinking lots of low cost beer due to needing to drive back
  2. Im out for this one sorry guys. Bad timing for days off work. Might make it up for the Saturday depending what I can wrangle.
  3. 2Y Toyota Running temperature

    Ive been through under the dash twice and will have to do it again. Part of the cluster has already been fixed in this one too
  4. 2Y Toyota Running temperature

    Always a point. Have to use one and the factory is reading way off
  5. 2Y Toyota Running temperature

    Yeap, has a viscous fan. Temperature seems to hold fine. Need to take it for a proper drive with hills and actually giving it some shit to see how it holds.
  6. 2Y Toyota Running temperature

    82 degree thermostat in her.
  7. 2Y Toyota Running temperature

    Got the motor in my wee van back together and running again but in between having the motor in pieces and rust work done in the front, both my temperature gauge and fuel gauges have started reading up the wopps. I put in an aftermarket temperature gauge but in a classic case of information is good but you have to know what you're doing with it, it happily sits around 95-100 degrees. Is this too high for a running temp? It runs and drives fine, doesn't seem to be leaking any water out. I have just had the head off doing the head gasket and had the radiator redone at the same time. Curious to make sure I haven't stuffed it up
  8. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Can't make this one due to working that whole weekend sorry guys
  9. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    McLeans falls and Jacks Bay are both nice stops too, depends how keen people are on gravel roads
  10. Also splashed out on a new exhaust. Went shiney as well its shiney. Drove it to the shop with open headers and can not recommend doing that... Sounded wicked with open headers under full throttle but popped like a bitch on deceleration. Hearing recovered after a day or so
  11. With my holidays over the start of February I finally got some more done. Semi fitted radiator and headers and sent it off to get the rust fixed. Custom Panels got left with her for a few weeks and came back with a lot less holey metal in the back of the car. Tried on my newest pair of wheels. Like the look but decided I need to fit bigger tyres sometime. Its sitting quite low, found out Im going to need new back shocks to keep the springs captive. Front crossmember is sitting pretty close to the ground. Will have to measure properly when on level ground and get the bigger rear tyres on her.
  12. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    I second that one. Might need someone to tow me home!
  13. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Either date works for me. Working the weekends before and after those two
  14. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    No problems at all. Flick me through some details
  15. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Very jealous of the centre console, she is looking good.