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  1. Tortron's 3.8 Mayte fair dinkum Mitsi Ute

    Very jealous of the centre console, she is looking good.
  2. Being shocking at moving pictures from my phone to laptop and hating making post without photos this update is a month or so old. Got the motor into the Express now and are one step closer to getting her going. Due to working on other vehicles this is about as far as I have gotten but will add a picture to see progress.
  3. After looking at this at my mates house for a while now, I finally decided to buy her. 1980 Mitsubishi Express in need of some love. Plan is to fix the little bits of rust, chuck a motor into her and add some wheels. Started digging through to clean out all of the goodies that came with it and found an original tool kit hidden under the seats Better photos are on the way when it gets pushed outside to be washed in between snow and rain shower.Oh and why its called the Awesome Express,
  4. Marsh's 1984 Liteace

    Soo long time no update but I still have this. Got it out to my friends house to do the rust and it sat there for a few months. Came back looking much healthier and minus the flintstones esk front floor. Also got a couple of wee holes done down the side so it shouldnt leak water in anymore. Started sorting the next thing on the list the motor. It used water from the day I bought her. I knew the water pump was leaking and also knew it had gotten hot. Ended up pulling the head off and throwing new bits at her. Radiator has been re cored by Autokool in Dunedin. (Free plug for Roy as he does a good job and doesn't charge the earth.) Pulled alot of bits off the front of the motor to pull the radiator out before I discovered that the drivers seat can be removed to get to another removable panel, duh. Gona have more room when I put her back together over the weekend hopefully. Best thing about working on the engine in the van, apart from being simple is that it is covered if/when the Dunedin weather turns to shit. Worst part about it that it is in a van. Makes me miss being able to stand at the front of the bonnet and remove the radiator for easy access.
  5. Picked up this little van from another forum member on here. Its in need of a bit of attention. Plan is to start on the rust work that needs to be done first and then WOF it. Have been told the headgasket is gone/leaking so that is next on the list once its all road legal. I have a set of 13" Work Equips tucked away in the garage for when this all ready as well.
  6. Picked up this little beast cheap off trademe with automatic issues. Turned up to pick it up and it was a lot tidier than it appeared in the pictures. The lady i got it from is the 2nd owner with her mum having bought it new in 1982. Trailer it home and set about flushing the automatic transmission. Old fluid looked nice and burnt so new fluid and filter went it. Started her up and left her to warm up. Came back , jumped in and put her in drive and off she went with no slipping or funny sounds anymore!! Success. The little car went straight through her wof once I replaced the tail light and is now one of my dailies. Also tried on my Equips but they are far too wide at the front. Stick out about an inch and a half. Will upload more photos soon
  7. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Been enjoying driving this wee thing around until my friend neighbour f**ked up reversing out of his drive. Nice big dent in the drivers door and no longer able to open from the outside with the door handle. On the plus side he missed the pillars and insurance is sorting it. Bought a parts Mirage that popped up on facebook as it had three things I wanted. Went to pick up the new one (Named clifford due to it being red and having the 'big' 1200cc motor) from Oamaru. Was told that it ran fine and the tyres were wofable, as with all facebook sales. Rock up to swap a set of wheels for it and the gearbox is noisy and tyres aren't very flash. Ran it through for a wof as four years out was too long for me to risk driving home and need to get three tyres, secure a sun visor and two pedals pads. So I now have two bloody wee Mirages. Clifford is supershift and it is very fun to drive using all eight gears. Novelty lasts for a couple of weeks then you get over it.
  8. Progress has been slow over winter. I've been trying to find new front guards for her as the ones on there have speed holes. Have successfully acquired motor to drop in. Its a 4G63, nothing special but should run nicely. Came with a parts ute for my ute wrapped around it. Makes it much easier to remove a motor with no body in the way. Ripped it out and starting stripping the cambelt off to be replaced and to start to paint it up. Will look similar to my utes motor just going to use a metallic orange instead of the red.
  9. Discuss away here Link to build thread.
  10. They need to be redone. Was thinking about keeping them gold or maybe going a dark grey or gunmetal. My pick out of the three sets of wheels that I tried on it.
  11. Updating with better photos. Did the first thing you do with any new car and tried on my sets of wheels to see what they all looked like. Think I've decided on the Enkeis for her. 6s for the front and 7s for the back. Also gave her a wash and started to clean all the random crap out of the car.
  12. Link to discussion thread
  13. // Sell me parts, tell me what Im doing wrong and about lack of progress here.
  14. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    The new carpet has made a massive difference. Was the un-tidiest bit of the car. Bit un nerving cutting holes in brand new carpet to put it in
  15. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Only got a quarter into it before it started raining down here. Really happy with how it is coming along and fitting. Got to hate cutting holes in brand new carpet. It's sent out as a blank
  16. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Finally got some new carpet for her, after procrastinating for a long time. Ordered off eBay Australia and arrived in a week. It got the cats seal of approval and this is why I ordered new stuff.
  17. Tell me how to improve the little beast here.
  18. Marsh's 1984 Liteace Discussion

    Its coming along nicely. The real tell is going to be me learning to weld to fix the holes in the floor and around the headlights
  19. Marsh's 1984 Liteace

    Had to adjust the bump stops in the front at the same time Might need trimmed some more, will have to wait till she's on the road. Oh, Offset on the Works sits almost perfectly on the van. Back door just clears the wheels. Might be 3 or 4mm in it!
  20. Marsh's 1984 Liteace

    Starting sussing out this van for its wof. Found rust in the front behind the headlights and in the floor under drivers feet. I don't usually start with modifying instead of fixing but the van was too high to fit into the garage. Played with the front torisions and bump stops and it came up quite nicely. Also chucked my Work Equips onto it to replace the knock offs that were on it. Started at this height in the front Ending up taking out 55mm Might have to re adjust after I drop the back with blocks to level her out.
  21. Marsh's 1984 Liteace Discussion

    No tang, shes no old Bongo Lowering is on the plan...
  22. Marsh's 1984 Liteace

    Link to discussion here // Tell me how much lower it needs to be and sell me more parts!
  23. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Found something random when changing the rocker cover gasket! Either the previous owner stashed a spare oil cap or they managed to forget to put it on and lost it. Suprised at how tidy the motor is for an old car.
  24. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Interior is original as well. Really glad noone has cut a hole in the dash for a stereo. Looking at buying new carpet ex Australia.
  25. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    TIme to add some more pictures. Have changed the rocker cover gasket and started polishing it up. Only real modifications have been the chrome trim rings and little centre caps off an EX Lancer.