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  1. At this stage I am just going to do a day trip down to Teretonga. I am away the next week up North so an only squeeze in the day. Would be keen to catch up with anyone who is planning to head along. $30 for some time on the track or $10 for show and shine. Seems like a cheap day out at the races to me.
  2. Yeah. Pretty keen to come down for either or all events... not sure about street sweep. Maybe go for first park, a little cruise and leave them to it... still working out what I’m doing though and if anyone is coming with. Will keep you posted!
  3. Wheels at wanaka should be another good one. www.wheelsatwanaka.co.nz
  4. Looks like there is a quite a bit on down south in a few weeks. I am considering, any or all these options below. Who's going? Might find somewhere to stay if anyone in central is keen to go catch up with southland's finest? Otautau Car Show saturday 23rd https://www.facebook.com/OtautauCarShow/ Invercargill Street Sweep. Some sort of evening cruising. Night of 23rd. Not sure if this is a full on southern bogan fest or something worth checking out? https://www.facebook.com/events/1747733131993364/ Drive for Life at Teretonga on the 24th. Cheap track day with no safety gear required. https://www.facebook.com/events/1885993108181950/
  5. Keen on some cruises to shows over the next few months. Seems like there is a lot on so it would be good to get to a couple of them and catch up with some of you
  6. Some sweet rides and well worth the boost over. Good to catch up with a few of you too. See you at warbirds in a few months at the latest!
  7. About to drive over soon as well. Will hopefully bump into a few of you over there in an hour or so!
  8. Last year was pretty good. It’s almost worth entering the car for the $10 as it includes all passengers. It’s $5 entry fee... so just weigh up your options. Last year we parked up together in the show with a gazebo and refreshments. Was not a bad day and there was at least 500 cars or more entered in from all walks of life. If the weathers good it will be a good cruisy day For sure.
  9. Happy New Year. Is anyone thinking of heading/entering the Cromwell Car Show 19th Jan?
  10. In other news I see you are selling up the sweet ride @TimShadboltfan27
  11. Was thinking of heading to the the cars over coffee thing Sunday morning. Anyone else from Queenstown going? @TimShadboltfan27 @kiwi808
  12. Was up there over labour weekend on the saturday. Good last little shred around! Now, that winter is over and Spring is here can we get together sometime. Only thing I've planned is to head over to Timaru for the four and rotary champs later in November. Gonna make a weekend out of it... the gf is somewhat not impressed about, firstly going to Timaru for the weekend and that we are going there to look at and watch cars... hahahahahahah. Did anyone make the car show down south earlier in the month?
  13. Still snow to be had. Was up Cardrona Sunday for sbinz boardercross event. Still got one day pass to use up there next few weeks. So will get over there one more time. Keen to lock in coffee over cars for first Sunday of November though
  14. Apologies. I won’t be able to make it this weekend unfortunately. I’m keen to start getting to a few get togethers/events though as we get into spring .
  15. what time you headed up? Misses and I might do a morning slide, as long as weather stays reasonable. couple of other mates might be headed up also. Could still grab a hot lap and coffee up there?
  16. With tomorrow I am gonna wait and see what the weather does... its also World Car Free Day! Hahahahaha. Maybe ill walk up? @kiwi808 ill finally be getting over to cardrona in a couple of Saturdays. So maybe see you up there. Is anyone still heading to Alex Sunday?
  17. Yeah, shouldn't be too much snow coming through until sunday from the forecast but that could all not happen as thats days away. Saying wind and snow down to 700metres for sunday. So could be pretty fresh!
  18. Yup. The spring weather is looking more than a bit average for the weekend at the moment. Might still do a slide up the hill Saturday, probably would have anyway. If the cruise up doesn't happen lets def schedule it in for another time. Apparently its suppose to snow to 700m on Sunday and be windy as so who know what the Blossom Festival will be like???!
  19. Got myself up Coronet Super early yesterday. Was pretty epic, most of town was there though so i got a handful of laps in and then boosted off. Cant complain about a big spring snowfall!!! Means its gonna be awesome for the next couple of weeks!
  20. I’ll be keen for the blossom festival and possibly the shred. Got a good mates birthday sat evening.. so will miss out the crompton festivities and try meet ya in the morning before you cruise over to blossom fest. Might bring a few other car peps along that I’ve stumbled across lately...
  21. We went up first thing and got turned around because they had no power! Worth the drive in the snow.
  22. Yeah. Surprisingly still a reasonable amount of snow at Coronet last time i was up last week. If its really really bad we could do Remarks but a nice sealed road is my preference. If it raining or snowing it will be a bit more interesting? Haha
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