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  1. Not much has changed with this thing. Changed the wheels for the moment though.
  2. I was sent this photo today. How good.
  3. Asking on behalf. Anyone know of a room available nearish to lower hutt? Friend is moving up for work and is looking for a place. She'll be working 12-14 hour days and flying to Christchurch every second weekend so will hardly be around. Thanks for looking.
  4. Drove this all the way to Nats. All one hour from home. Gave it a beat down and discovered I should probably buy new shocks and also make it stop better. So will get onto that before I drive around corners again!
  5. Have fun at skope, a few of us will be up north for leadfoot!
  6. You just need to message @Fresh about gx71 lows
  7. Decent! Got one of these under cover behind the garage needing some love.
  8. So glad I can smell this fine automobile from my house.
  9. Cullen

    Nosco's C50

    The dax made it onto a Japanese blog lol Bonus material
  10. Cullen

    Nosco's C50

    Bump. This bike now lives in a fish bin pending motivation after it devolved into a pile of turds. Got this trademe special to hoon around on. Someone had bought the spendy bits and then given up on it. Came with all the bits I just had to get it rideable and reg it. Done!