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  1. Not really sure tbh. I saw an itinerary that had them at the track on Saturday afternoon but beyond that im not sure.
  2. Great success! All ready just in time to not drive it to Datsun Nats in Cromwell.
  3. Wof check was a F. But not a long list. An exhaust leak and hanger, handbrake cable adjuster, indicator lense broken and headlights to work properly (which is just cleaning up the fuse box).
  4. Essentially ready for a warrant check now. Almost everything seems to work as it is supposed to. Yeah sweet.
  5. So, there was a water leak. It appears as if the waterpump was never sealed up and fitted properly when the motor was overhauled many moons ago. Luckily it could be removed without touching the timing belt. Although the old pump is in decent condition I have a new one on order as it was ridiculously cheap on clearance. I spent a few hours redoing some wiring today and I will do a bit more next week. There must have been a bulk deal on choccy blocks when the car was built as they are everywhere.
  6. First drive complete! Injector seals started leaking. New seals in tonight and away it goes. Next up solve a water leak, get the speedo working and a service and should be dream motoring.
  7. After cleaning the fuel system it still wouldn't run which led to some head scratching. Tested the electrikery and it was okay. After working from the front back it turns out the lines from the tank were around the wrong way. Bit of a relief. Strangely almost certain it was like this when I got the car. Swapped around and waddayaknow it runs!
  8. Tried to drive the car yesterday after dumping fuel tank and adding new filters. It was unsuccessful. So today the injectors went into an ultrasonic cleaner. Hopefully tomorrow it will run.
  9. Yep correct. Cheapo plugs going in until its running properly.
  10. This was surprising. Low ownership numbers and it looks like the guy who built it owned it for a long time.
  11. Red for going fast. Pulled the plugs out. They are all fairly toast. Alternator was loose also so luxfab created a new tensioner. Might have to dump the fuel. It has a full tank but previous owner said it was old stuff that he added his lawnmower furl to. Who knows how old that could be. A few parts hopefully later in the week and see if it goes.
  12. Covid. Ruiner of adventures. In this case a trip to Europe. As this year is a write off I had some walking around money wanting to be spent. I happened to come across Bart and the previous owner early last week and he showed me a picture of a datsun that had been sitting around for a few years and needed to be moved on. You don't need to hear my life story so let's just cut to it. It had been off the road for a number of years - last wof passed in 2015. It has a CA18DE and 5 speed. R180 diff, S110 disc brakes and height adjustable front suspension and uprated shocks and springs etc Certed way back in 2005 for the mods which is sweet. As it stands it will idle but die when under load so is not drivable. Shouldn't be much to sort out. Only a couple of photos shot so far. Plans are to give it a bit of a tidy and just hoon it round. Should be fairly reliable.