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  1. And the price tag probably helped
  2. Don't stress guys $30 will see ya right.
  3. Strange about the axle. We put a good number of kms on those axles once they got shortened and I assume it's still the same set up.
  4. I like this style decal. Pink fucking roolz and you know it
  5. Good to know. I was fairly sure you didn't need them but yeah these guys know it all.
  6. Bump. Saw a conversation on fb today where a couple of wof inspectors say they won't pass a car that doesn't have reverse lights. It's been a decade have the rules changed?
  7. This thread is so old all the photos are broken Not much has changed, still goes hard for what it is. Recently replaced the front shocks and trimmed the springs a little. I had a garage fire a couple of years ago and insurance were nice enough to pay for some paint touch ups cos the car got a bit smokey. Hasn't had a wof since 2019 so if someone wants to mail me one that would be great.
  8. Got dicked around by Classic Industries for months but we got there in the end. Dash pad, parcel shelf and glovebox innards sorted.
  9. If someone reminds me I can make inquiries at work about what the situation may be with closures and the likes. One of our guys is up there looking after the storm recovery traffic management.
  10. They're just Triangles finest 175 70 r14s to get rolling before MCM next weekend.
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