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  1. Got dicked around by Classic Industries for months but we got there in the end. Dash pad, parcel shelf and glovebox innards sorted.
  2. If someone reminds me I can make inquiries at work about what the situation may be with closures and the likes. One of our guys is up there looking after the storm recovery traffic management.
  3. They're just Triangles finest 175 70 r14s to get rolling before MCM next weekend.
  4. Well that's a bit better. Truespoke Supremes in 14x7 reverse offset. Cost a f'n fortune to get here but I'm impatient.
  5. Nah, LA Wellington brought it into NZ in Feb and it was legal in March.
  6. Priced up supremes today. It came into the country on some but they were long gone.
  7. Surprisingly wasn't too much difference between Datsun sale price and Chev purchase price thankfully so the mazda is safe.
  8. I'm a big fan of the fawn and green interior
  9. Discuss here Sharn incoming. Lots of words not many photos (yet). So, I'd been wanting to buy an Impala for a while and when the datsun popped up I thought it could be a good opportunity to make some money to put towards owning one. Unfortunately prices went crazy this year so it still seemed out of reach. As soon as it sold I put an ad up on one of the Facebook pages and I think I only got two responses. One was for a car way out of my budget and the other was a Bel Air in Wellington that looked rough. Anyway as time went on the Bel Air started to look like it could be worth looking at. I messaged @crustywhip and he was in the UK. Oh. No worries, if the guy still has it when Kane gets home we'll go from there. Thankfully the car wasn't actually advertised for sale so when it came time to revisit the idea it was still available. Kane had a look for me last week and determined that yes the body and interior is beat up but it is original and mechanicals are good. That was enough for me. Flight booked. "Hey m8. Have a 64 Belair if u interested? Have just put brand new mags on it also. Has NO RUST and has been through compliance etc when my m8 I brought it off had it. New body mounts and vtnz checked and wof also. Awesome tidy car and drives mint as! All original paint, carpets , seats etc etc so been untouched part from the wheels haha. It’s got a good 307 in it at the moment. My m8 had the bottom end checked by his mechanic and all tidy as. Only looking at selling to by a new vehicle for my new business otherwise I’d keep it 100% send u some pics" So anyway. Picked it up on Saturday and drove it home yesterday. It was tidier than I thought it would be and it drove well so I'm pretty stoked. I'll add some photos when I next drive it. Plans are to get rid of the 20"s asap and go to 14"s. Get some of the body tidied up (There's a gark down the right side and some dents in the roof I wouldn't mind disappearing). A new hoodlining, probably a stereo, and all going well hydros.
  10. So, I sold this thing last month. Mostly trouble free motoring. It now resides near Dunedin. New owner bought it unseen and flew up same night and drove it home.
  11. Hens teeth now. Upwards of $2500 a set probably. I contemplated offering my set up for $2000 at one point. Maybe ask $750 each and see what the consensus is. Crap tyres. Should probably just burn them or put on the silage.
  12. Not really sure tbh. I saw an itinerary that had them at the track on Saturday afternoon but beyond that im not sure.
  13. Great success! All ready just in time to not drive it to Datsun Nats in Cromwell.
  14. Wof check was a F. But not a long list. An exhaust leak and hanger, handbrake cable adjuster, indicator lense broken and headlights to work properly (which is just cleaning up the fuse box).
  15. Essentially ready for a warrant check now. Almost everything seems to work as it is supposed to. Yeah sweet.
  16. So, there was a water leak. It appears as if the waterpump was never sealed up and fitted properly when the motor was overhauled many moons ago. Luckily it could be removed without touching the timing belt. Although the old pump is in decent condition I have a new one on order as it was ridiculously cheap on clearance. I spent a few hours redoing some wiring today and I will do a bit more next week. There must have been a bulk deal on choccy blocks when the car was built as they are everywhere.
  17. First drive complete! Injector seals started leaking. New seals in tonight and away it goes. Next up solve a water leak, get the speedo working and a service and should be dream motoring.
  18. After cleaning the fuel system it still wouldn't run which led to some head scratching. Tested the electrikery and it was okay. After working from the front back it turns out the lines from the tank were around the wrong way. Bit of a relief. Strangely almost certain it was like this when I got the car. Swapped around and waddayaknow it runs!
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