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Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win


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2 hours ago, Truenotch said:

Congratulations on becoming middle aged!

haha ive been waiting for this slack,

unfortunately there are far too many boomers around on "adventure bikes" that dont go off the tarmac. Im looking at this as another challenge to be able to go away for a week or so self sufficient and see places i couldnt otherwise get to without support crews etc, and the challenge of riding a 200kg bike in places that a 200kg bike shouldnt.

i look at my father in law and what he does on his Africa Twin, 2 up with his wife on the back, in terrain i would find difficult on my XR250.

im def keeping the XR for weekend trips or technical trips, but look at the AT as a "motorcycle caravan"


But your right @Truenotch, its essentially the motorcycling version of an MX5, so now we have something in common.

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sooo we moved into our new pad. i sorta half unpacked my shed and then got the itch to do something motorcycle related. Im taking the GP125 on the Te Uruwera ride, and decided to use it on DGR also, so what better idea is there to completley strip it down 2 weeks before DGR and then have it sandblasted and powdercoated right?



bai felicia 

Got it back from the blasters yesterday and took it straight to powdercoaters after i put sacrificial bolts into all the threads. Hes gunna have it ready next monday maybe so might have to take a day off work next week to smash it together before DGR. Gave the cylinder and head a lick of paint and scraped back the ends of the fins while I was at it.


I had all the bits for the '82 Z50R sandblasted at the same time so i can start restoring that for the young fulla now too, excite.

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