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Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread


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Not sure what the go will be now this weekend for Invers... Might look at a day trip down if i can lure some other like minded idiots from around Queenstown to chip in and make the boring drive down more entertaining. 

Its that or set up and watch the snowboarding for the winter olympics and give the mazda a clean up. Took her a nice camping road trip over the long weekend!

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Ok kids, Mach is filling up with fun things to do. Which means we are running out of weekends to go camping.

Wanaka A&P Show is on the weekend of the 9th and Toyota Sausage Fest is on the 24th.

I have my leave approved for Nats so will be going to that too. (April)

In other news our road trip to Chch this weekend was a success. We picked up our new double trailer. My wife also decided she wanted another Jet Ski. She already has her rece ski and decided she wanted a play ski too. So now we have 3 Jet Ski’s.


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Where you thinking? Worth taking surfboard? Could strap the mal to the beige mondeo wag = Gumby on a plank/shark feeding...

Either that or take the bike/tent/spare oil for a minimalist overnighter = bad sleep /whiskey...

Or convince mate the Leyland needs a run = booze cruise...

All depends on calendar/weather/wife... :)

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