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Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread


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I have tailor made this thread for discussing meet ups in the southern country, so when decided i can make a single post and leave the chat for this one.

March is coming soon, idea was tossed around to head to ranfurly and visit that dude with the sweet shed and nice things. Tis an hours drive from alex, with plenty of awesome country tavs to stop at along the way for a shandy.

Any other suggestions? 

Warm regards 

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22 hours ago, Zeb said:

Does someone here know the guy from Ranfurly? I haven't had a good look since they put the fence up but I'm sure there's more stuff there. I'm free most of March and would be keen to head up for something like that

I bought a car off him last week. Sound like he isn't buying stuff any more and everything outside is for sale.

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12 hours ago, Zeb said:

Oh snap, there's a few cars outside I wouldn't mind taking off his hands and I wouldn't have far to take them... What kind of coin does he want for the ones outside?

In for the 18th

He realistic with the prices so a lot cheaper than trademe cars but doesn't give stuff away.

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