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Beach Hop - March 26-30th 2014


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So I'm sitting in the General down a side street dozing off today while no one was around when three guys walk over to the car and start complementing it... we're talking for 10 minutes when I realize one of them is Greg Murphy haha. Man, I played it soooo cool and didn't even fan girl too hard. Was told to pop in to the place they are staying to talk to their Mopar mate (who was one of the three there) about what's causing the car to cut out :)

Also I've been pulled over twice today by police officers who come over with a stern look on their faces only to say "do you know why I pulled you over?", "no sir.", "...to say I've pulled over a General Lee!". Then I get out and we chat and they proceed to get their photo taken next to the car lol

All-in-all a pretty bloody good start to the weekend!

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Nominal that's your Mercury convert yeah?  Me and oldnrusty were admiring your exhaust stz and I think you were having a picnic at Onemama behind it.


That's all.


Yeah, that's ours. I wasn't lounging behind it, that was the dudes with the other cars nearby. I did sit at the picnic table for a while though.


Brought the bellflower pipes back from the USA last year in a snowboard bag.


Worst thing about the BH is coming back to work afterwards. Sucks badly!

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