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sidewaysickness 1971 Ford LTD/Galaxie


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So full rebuild time means you need a classic car ( chevette) to see you through while you do the repairs. That way you can cruise about in your old car (chevette) and go to some meets in your old car (chevette) while impressing the local Nelson ladies in your cool old car (chevette)


I know just the car (chevette) you need.....


Its a Chevette!

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Length of bus = 34  12a engines linked together to form.. (hang on...)...


204a 64 rotor powered Bedford! You would have to allow for wind up and set the ignition timing out front to back..or something.. but yeah. What a talking point at next NZMCA motor home event!

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could you remove the broken lense, and fill it with something like plaster of paris to make a mold (im sure there's something better but i cant think of what it is) and then take it to an acrylic place to press a new piece of plastic over the plug?


ive seen machines that heat up acrylic sheet then you can pull it over the plug and vacuum it down. 

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