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For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

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On 12/09/2018 at 23:35, kpr said:

when welding to the strut tube,  does the weld have to be a certain distance away from the  cast part?

I created a sweet weak point, when i done some rangi mods on my paddock car.  it wasn't welded to the cast part.    (is now..)



Can I steal this photo for educational purposes please?

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Have read the flow chart on LVVTA, but before I start chopping, is a CAT required on a pre 90 car at cert? Chart appears to show anything pre 90 does not required a CAT. Cheers

Asking as I recall this rule has changed in the past. Engine is stock FWIW.

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This isn’t exactly about certing but I thought the celebrated Mr turnip might have some relevant info on this topic.

So my MS75 needs re-complying because its de-reg. parts on it like the brake master cylinder are fucked and the only replacement master I can get for it is a bolt on affair for the car but looks completely different to the original one and it has a modern looking reservoir. Same goes for the proportioning valve.

What the story with complying a car with these things on it? Its not modified, its just replacing fucked bits with the only parts you can get. Are they going to knock it back?

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1 hour ago, Bling said:

Are wheel offsets recorded for cert purposes? Preventing other offset rims being fitted at a later date. TIA

No they aren't recorded anywhere. However cars are pretty decently photographed during the cert inspection so if you change the wheels and have a whoopsie then it will pretty easy to figure out they are different.

If the wheels have the offset marked on the wheels via a casting or even a sticker, then you can be pretty confident that would have been captured in a picture by the certifier.

But if there was no evidence of the offset at cert time and you only changed the offset marginally and had the same looking wheels then it would be harder to tell.

Even though it's pretty unlikely thst subtly changed offset wheels would have that much of an impact on the safety of the car but substantially changed offset wheels would definitely be noticeable to look at when compared

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The only time I write down the offset is if it's close to the maximum amount. 

Which is heaps. 35% of rim width positive or negative. 

It's not very often that offset is an issue. And most cars that get certified wouldn't have a lot of room for changing the offset by a significant amount without introducing other issues like tyre rub or the wheel hitting the suspension or something  

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Braked trailer question.

If the brakes don't work can you lock the reverse lock out in place (to disable the brakes) and pass a wof? Previous owner said Vtnz guy told him it would be ok but it sounds a bit purple monkey dishwasher.

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