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  1. Hey Guys. Its been a minute Im currently in the process of getting this 1jzge running in my ms65. Im using the A340 gearbox that came with the motor along with the factory ECU. Ive got it running and driving but i cant get it out of first gear! Its all the same loom, ecu, gearbox and motor except it didnt come with an electronic speedo drive so im using one out of a UZ330. Any ideas?
  2. That looks so fucking lush compared to wait you started with. Il have to come have a beer when your all done
  3. Im pretty sure I have a S series bell housing if you want it?
  4. Lol I wouldn't bother pulling out an anchor just to put another anchor back in
  5. A bit late to the game here but ive had a 50/50 mix whether i install the nogs or the plumber does. The plumber ive got at my current site prefers to do the nogs himself as hes the one installing the vanity so he wants to make sure its done right. Either way, the nogs should have been installed at the pre-plumb stage and Sheepers shouldnt be out of pocket because of it.
  6. Im ready to go a week early and that never happens. Shows how excited I am! Long range shows good weather to! Fingers crossed it stays that way
  7. Nah the na heads have different bolt patterns for the exhaust and intake compared to the turbo heads. I didn't realise the vvti heads were different as well though but I guess that makes sense
  8. Would there be much advantage in going with a vvti head?
  9. Some desk jockeys decided that the dome heads will pull through if the timbers start separating so we need to always use normal engineering bolts with square washers both sides. The council up here pulled us up on it so maybe check if it's the same down there
  10. Who said you could use those domed coach bolts? We arnt allowed to use those up here anymore
  11. Where does the shifter end up? To far forward?
  12. chuck a big "Fuck The Police" sticker over the crack and pretend it was never there
  13. Since when do rust repairs cost that much when you can fix them yourself?
  14. crappy body with AMAZING wheels always looks awsome
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