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  1. You should see concrete troughs that have been repeatedly used to store skim milk to feed pigs for many years. So much erosion of the surface / way to get maximum exposed aggregate.
  2. I have an engine that's been seized since the late '80s. Maybe I should try the milk thing on it and see what happens.
  3. This thing just goes to show how a car that looks pretty okay to start with can turn out to be a rusted out shit box when you start having a proper look. All credit to you for saving a sweet old car that many of us would have given up on as being too rusty. How much of the original shell do you / will you have left after all the repairs? Also the turbo wheels really suit it.
  4. I'd recommend going lpg dedicated as @8ball suggests. The 214 powered TK Bedford I had was dual fuel but I ran it on lpg almost all the time for the price advantage. Think I only tried it on petrol twice in the three years I had it and it ran like shit anyway.
  5. But totally fine for what they were designed to be. Morris Minor replacement, round town tradie van.
  6. This thing reminds me of the Mk2 Escort van my ex had in the early '90s. Same colour and similar style but a lot less fucked.
  7. Cheers for that Bryan. GM diff might be the go then to keep it all matching. Probably never happen anyway but dreams are good things.
  8. Back in the day that was my least favourite Viva but, like many things I didn't like much when they were new, the styling has grown on me to the point where I'd have one now in the right circumstances. Alex, you need this to go with the other Vauxhalls. Might be a bit of a fun project for Hannah.
  9. A man could be forgiven for thinking you like a drop of whisky @Fliboi. The car is looking good too.
  10. Meaning you'll never have to get it certed for mods in a vehicle, access to work on it won't become a problem, and you can go as wild as you like trying out different stuff on it.
  11. My first thought when I saw the thread title was SUs but tortron beat me to it. As said they're brilliant carbs and nothing is simpler. Don't fuck around with twins, just get a big single.
  12. They tow pretty well too. Mate's one pulled my Falcon and a trailer full of firewood out of a wet place I really ought not to have driven into fairly easily.
  13. Just discovered this. Found it interesting cos my real farmer mate has a diesel one the same colour. His is well rust fucked and hasn't had a wof or reg since about 2005 but it always starts and runs sweet. I've driven it a few times and found it pretty good. I pleases me to see that there is at least one tidy one still around.
  14. You're most likely right there. Never even thought about running anti-freeze in an iron block iron head motor when I lived up north. As far as I know most of my mates didn't bother either.
  15. Not sure whether to post this here or in tech spam. My eldest has decided it might be fun to put the 4.1 crossflow from my rusty XC into my '51 Vanguard. Is he completely crazy or is this a sensible course of action? If by some remote chance we actually did it how carried away would we have to get with brake upgrades etc? The original drum brakes are pretty big cos 16" wheels. I'm not convinced that the Vanguard diff would be up to the job either. If we swapped in a Falcon diff we'd be sweet for that if the width was suitable. Do any of you know if Standard Triumph five stud is the same as For
  16. I have a few sets of chains. What size? I probably have both sizes. Too big and too small.
  17. http://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/tractors/51-150-hp/auction-1331113748.htm is this narrow enough?
  18. Our ones are better than that goat track. Can actually get some decent speed on many of them.
  19. Been half pie planning a route through Clutha District. Anyone totally unkeen on unsealed roads? We've got a few interesting ones in scenic places. Not winch and shovel spec, just the path less travelled sort of thing.
  20. I have an idea that backwards cross member thing is what my boss did with his 2.0 litre 5 speed Mk2 Escort. Used the factory holes all sweet I think.
  21. Are van and pickup leaves likely to be the same? Logic suggests that they might be. I'd be more inclined to add one leaf each side to improve load carrying performance than to remove one.
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