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    Had a play with the sunroof the other night, things been a bitch to open and close since the resto, put some of it down to not having a headliner to help pull the second bow forward, but it also a dickhole going the other way. Had a good look and tried the second set of hole in the end of the wheel holder thing. Much better! Why the fuck hans drilled the second set I do not know. The only other instructions I've been able to find say bend the outer runner to fit? Was never sure how. After some careful prodding with a screwdriver and little progress, I found the use of the round hole in the runner. The two small rollers inside need to be even so the bow moves smoothly, by putting a screwdriver in the hole in the opposite side you can easily and gently bend the steel to just the right tension. Clever hans. These are castor shims, and longer beam bolts. These improve the road manners of a lowered vw at highway speeds. I already had a set installed but on very low cars, another is needed. As the shims space the bottom beam away from the pan longer bolts are required. Managed to install them without dropping the beam out. Easily the best 40-50 bucks I've ever spent on the car, it will sit on 60-70mph, one hand on the wheel, relax. Before you needed to keep your wits about you as it was very twitchy and unsettled. Now, just need to sort the vibration at and after 70mph, the deafening noise and smell of hot engine fumes and we're sweet. An't she cute dough?
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    ** Discussion https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/74793-helium-elbows-magical-rx-7-fb/ ** As 3-4 months of winter snow is coming up in just a few weeks I'm going to take it off the road and do a bit of a refresh. It needs a bit of a tidy up body wise as there is some faded/crazed paint on the passenger guard and door, and some little bits of surface rust here and there to tend to. I've salvaged the Racing Beat Road Race header and Power Pulse pre-silencer and main muffler from the parts car And picked up some Enkei EK98 15x7 -3 wheels which could do with a bit of a tidy up. The lips have been painted silver and I want to take them back to polished metal. Not keen on the black centres either, looking to go a metallic silver or bronzey/gunmetal. Also found the original owner's manual
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    Just a small update - not long after getting it I put it through the Ontario equivalent of a WOF, the "Safety Check" which it passed not needing much. With new plates (old owner takes their plates off) and ridiculously expensive mandatory insurance it was back on the road. It's first legal trip was to the supermarket, where someone in their oversized Datsun prompted used my bumper (and 2 day old fresh plate) as a parking spot. I now have a dashcam & tyre valve stem remover kept in my glovebox for these times. Bought many a box of service items from RockAuto And some Solex locks from 'straya maaaate because the original lock barrels can be opened with almost any key and it has keyless entry anyway. Also had my first break down, can you spot the problem? ** Discussion https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/74793-helium-elbows-magical-rx-7-fb/ **
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