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  1. It's still there, if you miss the Clarence River turn off it takes you right past...
  2. Wow, I'm not sure I'd let her go alone... I've never thought of encouraging my wahine to attend. Her idea of a fun Hanmer experience involves more massages. No worries, you can have a spin in the Beagle if you're not worried about it turning you ALGAE...
  3. Tagging is @ then their name, new car will be a solid 4 hour journey from Mot!
  4. Stop dropping hints - I'll let you drive the Beagle up there already. But seriously, what Nelson vehicles are heading down? I'll be doing my usual 3:15ish departure, happy to take anyone @yoeddynz, could be an option for you/Hannah?
  5. Registered and paid!
  6. Not very steep compared to Nelson...
  7. I'll have my bike so you can be converted to the ways of the wagon wheel.
  8. I know it's not the same, but the Beagle could always use a co-pilot at significantly less gas $...
  9. I'd like to claim it - but that's really @ThePog who has the skill!
  10. I'm definitely bringing the Beagle - will be sleeping in it too - Rainbow is shut for the season by then - but there is still plenty of gravel to be found once in Hanmer!
  11. No bike - was only a 1 full day mission, I'd imagine they'd be pretty sloppy at the moment if the walking tracks are anything to go by.
  12. Was in Hanmer this week, climbed Mt Isobel - was better with snow in 2014. Looking forward to taking Beagle over Jollies Pass.
  13. This doc - says http://rainbowstation.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Rainbow-Gate-Seasonal-Access-Declaration.pdf But I think that's just being cautious - would not be slammed vehicle friendly!
  14. Beagle is 4x4(ish) and would easily get down it, having ridden it on a bike and driven a 2WD ute. It's just a high altitude rough gravel road more than a 4WD track. Closed from Eater Monday until Boxing Day.
  15. Looking forward to it - bit disappointing I can't head down through the Rainbow Road. Beagle will have new exhaust - and maybe suspension by then too.