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  1. No bike - was only a 1 full day mission, I'd imagine they'd be pretty sloppy at the moment if the walking tracks are anything to go by.
  2. Was in Hanmer this week, climbed Mt Isobel - was better with snow in 2014. Looking forward to taking Beagle over Jollies Pass.
  3. This doc - says http://rainbowstation.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Rainbow-Gate-Seasonal-Access-Declaration.pdf But I think that's just being cautious - would not be slammed vehicle friendly!
  4. Beagle is 4x4(ish) and would easily get down it, having ridden it on a bike and driven a 2WD ute. It's just a high altitude rough gravel road more than a 4WD track. Closed from Eater Monday until Boxing Day.
  5. Looking forward to it - bit disappointing I can't head down through the Rainbow Road. Beagle will have new exhaust - and maybe suspension by then too.
  6. I blame someone who is too good at taking shiny photos of vehicles, I mean look at the price of KPs before you started interfering with them...
  7. That's a great lap time - if only ProStreet had a condition, "Competitors must also carry all their camping gear to and from the event".
  8. http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/NISSAN/FAIRLADY_Z/700070794130160318001/index.html This is still on my radar. All the +2 hate, I know they're not as pretty, but I like the idea that my kids might be interested in cars one day...
  9. Links to said threads? I need to split the cases in my CL50 to get the kick starter to engage properly. The sensible option is to get on and do it, but the time would probably be better spent on throwing a Lifan 125 in it...
  10. Speedy progress thur Ben, stoked to see it running sweetly! Hope to see it in a few weeks out at Rabbit Island.
  11. You tease - looks like you have mounted the motor - but we haven't seen it with wheels on. Can we see a photo?
  12. There's something nice about expecting a PITA job to be something simple. I'm not going to admit how simple my most recent one of these was - I thought a CV had imploded. Was sorted in < 2 mins.
  13. Just drove this in the Beagle - gets up to just under 1500m - very mopedable, well if you're a little keen. Need to get my CL50 running again!
  14. l Not sure what year it is - different tail lights to yours, but 'Stranger Things' features this fine vehicle a number of times.
  15. That is very very cool - I remember an advert for these when new in the UK. The heading was something like the "70 + 70 mph car". The 3.5 ratio goes someway to explaining how it was possible!