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  2. I pasted the photo in to the page, I thought I was putting he image onto the server. Shall see to it soon.
  3. How many different brands of hoseclips does that have on it?
  4. I couldn't see those either. Same circle and line hieroglyph.
  5. The one after the hubnut video for example. Pretty much any google stuff you post just shows up as a circle with a line for me
  6. Ironically, it handled better on the (cough) Cavallinos. The Chinese biscuits don't brake as well, but the limited cornering is probably a net benefit :-/
  7. Oh, I'm not ubscribed to this thread. (!?_) Thanks for the heads-up on the goog vid links @ajg193. You mean the goog vid links in the photo collections? (link pls) Chur
  8. Have my photo links from a couple of posts back gone weird? Or is that just my browser being tin-foil-hat?
  9. hey man, yea my back is feeling really good. still got to be careful and take things easy but so far so good. oh, also, i ran into your brother the other day, nice bloke. we had a brief yarn.
  10. starter has already been rebuilt, like you say, its in a cunt of a spot if it goes tits up.
  11. My guess is that you'll put a new starter in or at least make sure that one is good before you put it all together? Would be a cunt if it failed post installation..
  12. If anyone is after a cost effective Dial Gauge, I picked one of these up today and its shockingly decent for the price. Has a certificate of NZ calibration, and has a decent heft to it, doesnt look or feel cheap. Same with the magnetic base, better built than the price lets on
  13. finished up the water pipe that goes under the manifold. it had to be modified to clear the superdupercharger manifold. 2019-12-09_08-34-58 by sheepers, on Flickr once i got that finished i thought it would be a good idea to rig up a pressure tester and test all the welds. 2019-12-09_08-34-45 by sheepers, on Flickr the only bit that leaked was the one bit i hadn't touched at all. the chem wash the block went through at the engine builder must have dissolved the schmutz holding it on. it was this plate. ive glued it back on now, but apart from that everything else is sealed up. 2019-12-09_08-34-36 by sheepers, on Flickr now i can put the manifold on for final. one step closer to a finished motor.................
  14. Rode from Wainui to Governor's Bay in it during '18 Nats. Such a fun little car.
  15. Yer damn google video links don't work sir
  16. Holy shit was that your one? I watched the vid a couple of days go and had fun spotting CHCH landmarks. Port hills looked scary as fuck in that.
  17. So, thanks to an @ajg193 referral, and @kyteler for posting the link over in the discussion thread, this happened: Then last friday, this also happened: That's new-ish to Chch, has an 850cc Dai il3 transplant, and the owner stopped to say hello.
  18. Just a further update. I've been putting all of this into a new fuel cell so was a bit unsure of what pressure the fuel needed to be at. Many posts on the internet were saying 62psi for the BEAMS engine. So to be safe I reused just the regulator and adapted it into the fuel cell. yeah was a bitch of a job as the whole lot had to fit in through the main hole... I also had a pressure gauge on the output which meant I could see the fuel pressure was at 51psi. Which i was a little bit worried about, but the car ran flawlessly at this pressure all day racing. I reached out to NST and they came back to me with the correct Toyota part number for the whole unit which is 2302074010. Now looking that up on Amayama shows that that unit is used across 3SGE, 1GFE, 1MZFE, 2MZFE, 5SFE, 3SFE engines. Doing a cross match on the Lexus RX300 which has the 1MZFE engine found me this aftermarket regulator Which shows the operation pressure at 50psi. This ties up with what i had also read where the IS200 was the same part number as the RS200 one and it was standard 50psi. This of course all makes a lot of sense, as having one part means easier for Toyota to source and brings costs down, and they just change injectors and tune to suit. Hopefully this info helps someone in the future
  19. Apparently the detergent is slightly acidic.. So I wasn't too bothered.
  20. So sadly the moped run down Wellington was cancelled sad face. So me and my little people did some parts swaping prety happy with front wheel. Made some little mounts for skate bord. The little people like taking them to the park down the road so will make one for other side can almost see park from my house but means dont have to carry for them hahah and i think looks kinda cool. Run been postponed till feb so look fowrad to that. But for now more up and down the street with kids cheers
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  22. This thing got a good dose of mud and dust during Te Urewera Undertaking a couple of weekends ago. It performed great and didn't miss a beat over the whole 550km distance! Only issues to report were the rack failing on Day 1 due to too much weight bearing onto the rear guard. It bent rack far enough that the rear wheel caught the numberplate and folded it upwards (folding the guard in half at the same time). The guard pulled straight (enough) and my tools rode in the service wagon for the rest of the event. Notice the relocated number plate too. Hah. The other issue was on day 3 when my fuel can (now strapped to the seat) came loose and blocked my exhaust! It happened just after going through a ford, so I was looking for wet spark components. The plug, coil etc were all dry as a bone and it wasn't until a few minutes later that I noticed the fuel can was blocking the pipe. It was super close to burning through and could have turned me into a fireball . Such a great way to spend a few days and I'm already hanging out for the next one! It's given me some inspiration to start working on the blue MX again, so I'll start chipping away on that over summer.
  23. Gonna try out the Rose and Crown carpark from this month. Meet at 7:00pm on Tuesday the 17th.
  24. December meet details up. This month is at the Rose and Crown carpark from 7:00pm on Tuesday the 17th of December.
  25. hah yeah & it's about right, not seen them go for much less lately the wagon sold for a bit more that the reserve too (Had a Toyota 5 Speed) "we" keep a bit of a thread on Avenger's that pop up for sale on the Barry Avenger Forums here :
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