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GTX Rallycar of wtf


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So it turns out I only require a lower front ball joint.


I’ll take that as a win

not bad for 13 years off the road.



but in shit news, the oil pressure takes a dump once it’s at temp, I’m hoping it’s just the oil in it that I’m using for break in. It drops to 17psi at idle, and 35psi at 3000 now.


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So I never updated this thing.


so one day I set out to hit out some solid run in kms, until a heater hose blew off when a champ failed. Pump out all fluid.




since then I filled it up to see if it’ll hold water or leak out.

thermostat open, water just disappeared then it start misfiring. So I shut it down.


thinking yup blown HG.

took 4 weeks or so to get motivated to look into this.

whipped the head off it today, gasket is fine, head appears fine, block looks fine. No visible cracks etc.


so where the hell could the water have entered to make it run like a bag?



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