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GTX Rallycar of wtf


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Goodies have arrived.

got the block in at franklin engineering getting a deck, clean and hone.


all the bearings , rings and thrust washers are ready to go.


will get the bottom end back together. Then send the head in for a look at and valve lap.


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It’s nice, good size …

picked up the block from Franklin engineering.

had it honed, tanked and decked, flushed galleries etc.

it’s rebuild time!!!


still need to strip the head to get that checked, cleaned, decked, lapped.


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Got given a falcon intercooler for this.

I find the gtx one to be tiny, with the possibility for the intake duct to fill with crap pretty quickly.

It fits inside the bumper really well.

mounting will be a breeze.

piping will be very straight forward aswell. The upper pipe will run across to a 90 just under the headlight and a straight run to the intake, will get a Bov fitted to this pipe too.

I/c intake will run out to a hump/void in the front panel, and will go up and over the gearbox crossmember into the turbo.


pretty straight forward.


engine news:

git the block onto the engine stand today ready for assembly.

only waiting on ring pliers and ring compressor to make a start on this.



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Got the bottom end together.

hopefully it’ll go all good.

just need to get the head sorted now.

also found out that these came out with a big and small nose crank. Great. I fitted the mint big nose crank, got it together and realised it didn’t have the pulleys with it. Ffs, strip it down and fit the small nose crank.


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Dropped the block in the bay on Saturday, pulled it out… realised the driveshaft bracket was not going to play game. Reset it. Reinstalled the block.


then had a hmmmm…

didn’t recall seeing a pilot bearing installed or supplied.

out of the 3 engines, nothing.

found out it’s fitted to the flywheel.

sourced one from my local BNT, $11 later. She’s back in the hole.

got the starter and alt fitted up along with most of the back side of the bay. It’s a real C—T to get in there with the manifold on.


hopefully the head will be done this week.


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Picked up the GTR head from Franklin engineering, it looks brand new again.

I decided to bolt the intake on before fitting the head it’s a c—t getting my mitts in the back to get the nuts on.

Started putting everything back together, plugs, hoses, cams and lifters.

even got the turbski on.

not much left to do for a fire up.


have been told to just buy cheap mineral oil for initial start up and break in.

there’s loads of conflicting info out there in break in procedures .


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Pictureless update….,

first stage of break in complete.

free revved in the recommended rev range for about 1in, then took it down the road , up in the revs then let it engine brake back down, rinse repeat.

did this for about 10mins, then took it out on the open roads, doing the same but with up to 5-7psi. Temps were perfect, no noises or vibrations.

full test session was around 40mm or so.


time to drop the oil and change the filter.

then I’ll get the timing checked again.


from what I’ve read online (probably the 50th version) , I’ll chuck the new oil and filly in and do approx 500km varying on and off power, 75-100% throttle up to 75% of expected rev range.


hope that’s right haha


but goddam this thing will be fun, it’s so fun to throw through corners. 
brakes need work though, I don’t think they have been bed in correctly or bled up.

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I stepped in some rocking horse shit , slipped and landed on a unicorn.


yup that’s right, I found a stock GTX gearbox that has been rebuilt.


it us now on its way to me along with a left driveshaft and another baby unicorn, a working AFM.


price paid, much less than I was expecting to have to pay for one.

i technically have the parts to put together a complete car from a rolling body. Don’t dare me please, I can’t deal with that kind of pressure.




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