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GTX Rallycar of wtf


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Have ordered up a set of replacement HLAs (hydraulic lash adjusters) for this.

coming from Aussie. NZ has nothing, no parts departments know what the hell they are.


also have a GTR head to pick up locally.

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Haha all this talk of salty and over head.

picked up said salty head today.

started pulling the head off the existing engine.

decided I want to inspect the pistons in this one too.

plus tidy a few other things up, put a fresh HG on it with the salty head.

check the turbo out etc

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We’ll bugger. Engine number 3 needs pistons too.

something has entered this one too.

I’ve looked at the spooly stu stu stuuuu maker and it’s fine. Although loads of oil in the exhaust side.

found a piece of metal sitting on number 2 piston. 

anyone got any leads on replacement pistons?


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Might be time for forged pistons.

can get a set of CP pistons for $1200 or so 


full forgery kit for around $2800,

that’s eagle/manly h beam rods, arp head studs and mains, acl bearings and a gates belt and HG.


fair bit of spendy stuff.

may consider selling off the project hunter and 4age to focus on this more , aswell as rebuilding the 12a.


3 project cats are a bit on the enthusiastic side. 

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4 hours ago, shizzl said:

All pistons are in a similar state of munched

Well that sucks, any options to go to a 2l bottom end? I remember my dad/step  mum had an awd mazda wagon with a 2l goldtop in it. (Think fhey also did a ford version as well) whst are the piston specs any alternate option's. 

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Kind of stuck at a standstill with this at the moment.


im ready to rebuild but no one will get back to me about parts.


so if any of you work in a parts dept and can price up and supply the following:

piston rings std, mains std, big ends std, HG, gaskets/seals 

hook us up so I can get my slide on.

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I got some stuffs from STA Parts.

STD size mains and big ends, thrust washers, timing belt, tensioner and idler, and STD Hastings rings.

stripped down engine #3, the one that was in the car.

destroyed the timing pulley in the process. Got 2 spare so oops..

bores look good, crank is mint.

oil around the bearings etc smells burnt as hell.

bearings look fine.

I’ll use this block, might send it in to get honed and ring gaps done.


maybe even get the bottom end assembled yet. See how I feel after a quote.


ideally I’d like to strip the head and have the valves lapped.

stuff I know I’ve done before. Just need to man up and go full send on it.

same with the bottom end.


not sure about the oil pump, do I get it inspected/tested?


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