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Tortrons it's old school now wingroad


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I can get some out of the states if I have to

The factory Sr20 wingroad doesn't exist on amayama or in any parts lists which is dumb because I want part numbers. 

I might even change the hubs to something 114.3x4 to match the disk rear

The ones I posted are available in nz




Was one at tga pick a part a year or so ago

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The ones on the donor need everything replaced. But possibly.

Later wingroads are used to upgrade stuff as well. Tho this wingroad already has "the big brakes" on it that sentra foamers want


At this point il put the engine in and check the axle lengths for a start. There is 100% a factory set of axles and cvs that will just go on without changing anything. This will probably take me another 6 months, so the donor car will be going as a rolling shell, let the budget build back up too 



Lol last month I sold a set of multistud 5 spoke wheels nearly identical to the ones I have on the car now, cos why would I need those. The ones I have on are only 4x100.


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Found it, and it makes sense I guess

Y11 wingroad sr20ve appears to have a 25/55/25 with 42 tooth abs ring

Bout 150 each


Looks like all the Y10s have the same outer cv splines, so they must use different axles. Early early y11s were just a face lifted y10 as well

Not that common engine fitment

Seems to also be a Presea PR10 fitment, and sentra/tsuru 2.0 which is what axles all the Americans use for Sr20 swaps. So easy to get 



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Current plan is

See if disk rear end actually fits. If it does I will convert the front end to 4x114.3 using Y11 wingroad hubs and spindles. (Y11 AD van are apparently 4x100) this gives you a few bolt on brake options. Can go 4 pot r32. But I will probably go for 11" disks and calipers from a p11 primera (m6, I think this is the one with white gauges/cvt or vvl. Needs 15"wheels). Possible that avenir brakes also bolt on to the Y11 spindle so could also do that and just do a full avenir brake swap. Which would be 11" and twin pot. 


(bluebird doesn't have abs so would have to rig up the sensor into that, so never mind) 

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