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LG's Old Pest Brewery - setting up from scratch...

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nice man! Are you adding any more hops close to bottling time?


As a precaution, I put a block of wood under the middle section of the shelf to help stop it falling in, 20+kg on the racking is quite a bit


now you just need another fridge as a keg fridge, once you get sick of bottling

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Just hopstand additions for this brew, been looking at some hazys with dry hopping, but since it's been cold lately I'll prob do a stout next, seems more appropriate...

Also had to use a shorter 3-piece air lock as the s-shaped ones were too tall.

And yeah the rack groans a bit with the load on. A support is on the cards... :)

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Nice build :), a lot prettier then my setup.

With the temp probe I use a thermowell into my fermentor and use the exact temp of the wort to heat/cool, another option is to tape the probe to the side of the fermentor with some insulation. Not a must but have found it gives me more accurate temp readings and notes etc.

Wort looks nice and clear what did you use to chill?

Care to share the recipe?

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Yeah have seen the temp probe taped to the fermenter while Barrying about on brew forums, looks a simple improvement, cheers.
I had the week off and it was a good chance to tidy the shed up a bit, plus I like to have places for stuff. Just chilled by running the hose through the immersion chiller, pretty rapidly cooled things down, but I'll do it a bit longer next time. Don't know how sustainable that method'll be given we're on tank water though. Might look at an ice-bath/pump setup, or using the fire tank water that never gets used.

Regards clarity, I chucked half a whirfloc tablet in with about 10 mins of boil to go. Not sure if I needed it but wanted to try it out. Recipe is just a Brewfather Sierra Nevada clone with different hops. I'll post it up if it works out ok. Wanted something easy and drinkable for first brew, will get more adventurous as we go. Will prob bottle next week then when they're conditioning I can put down something different. It is quite a consuming hobby... :)

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If you are on tank water, I would look at just pumping it back into the tank (assuming you use clean/foodgrade hoses and keep your chiller clean) fire tank would be less worry if its not going to be drunk, doubt the volume of beer you are cooling will impact the temp of a large tank much. I used to run my still with up-to 4800w of elements and used to cool that with a 3000L tank that was just feeding water through via gravity. (barely heated up even over a couple of hours)

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Bottled first brew and it's conditioning while I impatiently wait to try it. My cheap bottling wand was a ballache, took 2 1/2 minutes each bottle, which sucked, but got there. The bottle tree was a great investment...


And made some ply shelves  for both fridges, varnished them as there is no treated 12mm ply available apparently...

After a few days the plastic PET bottles had pressurised and sediment settled so looks promising...

And after 7 days I cracked one as a quality control exercise. Way too early but keen to see if it was shit...

It wasn't too bad. This was a dedicated test bottle, the dregs from the bottling bucket so not surprised at the cloudiness. But best thing was it tasted pretty good, wanted another afterwards which is a good sign, and at 4 standard drinks the single bottle gave a slight beer buzz... :thumbleft:

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The other fridge sadly didn't cool (coil holed where someone had enthusiastically de-iced it), so i pulled the gubbins out and gave it a quick sand and paint job...

Nice vintage mint colour, I rate these spray bomb primer/paints, so easy...

Squeezed it into the garage... :)

And it's running an Ali STC-1000 controller, works well...

This will be a bottle conditioning fridge and should work well enough over winter.. Will free up the other one for fermenting...

Whacked some labels on while I was shifting botts over. A Barry forum told me to use milk as an adhesive, works bloody well...

Mix of 500ml, 745 and 750ml bottles...

plus a label on the top with brew info...

And important safety message...

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