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12 minutes ago, Willdat? said:

Not trying to spam this up too much, but in my opinion real estate agents are not working for the seller either. They're working to maximise turnover. In a house worth 600k, 2%= $12k, to get $50k more of a sales price will require a whole lot more hustle for the agent to earn just $1k. A mates way of dealing with this was to offer 10% commission on $ over X, that's a real incentive to maximise what they're getting for you. 

We sold our house ourselves, was really easy, made a sign, listed on trademe, had an open home, took names and numbers at the open home, rang the people who attended that night and asked if they were interested in making an offer. Sold in a week. The best part was knowing exactly how the process was going. 

Spam away...

You're right, in many cases, the agents work to their incentive scheme rather than maximising the situation for the seller - who said a quick sale is a good sale?  potentially leaving $$$ on the table there.

With what I do for a living I could look to do this myself, in all honesty its the hassle factor with everything else I have going on in life.  With a well trained agent they will do your bidding...

I feel the commissions should look like investment funds...... you have a super low base rate, then a large performance fee i.e. achieve x% above the average price/GV for the area... that'll sort the wheat from the chaff.


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