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Mitch's 91 BMW R80

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Cool project, I use to have a R75/6 with 900cc top ends, those old BMWs almost have a Norton featherbed frame apart from one vital bolt on strut is missing 

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picked up my gasket kit for the motor last night, hooned that in and gave the motor a few coats of black, didn't come out as good as I wanted but its done now. 

Then today I started assembly of the bike for the last time, got the wiring loom in, motor and gearbox and seat and tank. really hanging out for my peanut valve covers to arrive too as I can't stand the standard ones. 


got my tires ahwhile back, after heaps of back and forwards I decided on some TKC80's for maximum trendiness  and got them mounted up, was super chuffed with how they were looking and then tonight I went to put the front wheel on and well.. the front doesn't fit, it fouls on the lower for brace so going to have to think up of a solution to that, wither start chopping or go with a smaller front tire which its a 3.5" and currently have 4". 



Cant wait to get it outside as cameras don't love my workshop lights. 

Just waiting on swingarm and headset bearings to arrive early next week hopefully and then the wheels can go on and I can see what it really is going to look like. 

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