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Daveyc's 1974 hc viva


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7 hours ago, kyteler said:

Good effort man. 


Sorry to tell you though but those wheels aren't even close to filling out those guards.  You're going to have to go wider. 

They are 13x7 with a -7 offset. Anything bigger is crazy expensive.... and then finding tyres too! Depending on how it looks when the tyres are on and how much clearance there is i may get spacers. But we shall see.20180828_172557-600x800.jpg.8ccf38d1ebff207fc89cf0a65d39345c.jpg

40 minutes ago, CUL8R said:

Don't live by the park in St Albans/Mairehau do you?

Thank Christ you got rid of that grill arrangement! Nice work, impressed with the interior coming back up as good as it has

Na live at Taylor's, cars kept in woolston. As i dont have a garage . It's been a lot of work, I wish I had started the build thread earlier, there has been heaps of time and love put into it!

Thanks for your kind words!

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Choice car man. I've always had a soft spot for 2 Dr HC Viva Magnums. I'm waiting for the old man to get these racecar things (Camaro and a Commodore) out of his system so we can start on his HB rebuild, all I know is he has bought them (2) and they're in another dry storage, on hold, after being in a back shed in a wreckers yard for 18 years.

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Personally I'd not be doing that. It'll end up looking like every other car out there with bolt on arches because 'it was the easiest thing to do'... :-(

I  reckon one of the coolest features of the HC line of Vivas are the standard arches. The are a defining feature of the side profile with the way they swoop back, making the car look like its going fast when its just standing still (an important feature when you only have 50bhp...)  Other cars out there would give up there 'better engines' to have arches like the HC. They have a sweet shape about them and come already bulging in a way that aching to get filled with wide wheels.  In fact the HC is the same width hub face to hub face as the HB but the body grew wider- a lot of that is in those arches.

Make the most of those sweet things and enjoy that shape!

Some inspiration for you. I realise its a coupe and has big wheels but I have always loved this car and the way the arch shape ties in so well..


coggers 2.jpg

coggers 3.jpg

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I have no idea what the cost would be to return the car to standard wheel arches. But ultimately that's what I would love to do.

I will keep an eye out for some front wings and repair sections for the rear then bite the bullet come respray time. I have no idea how many years away that is!

Clutch and gearbox went back in this evening!  Progress!!!

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54 minutes ago, yoeddynz said:

whats the spacer look like? I might have a spare you can have.

But yeah- make one from chopping board or wood will be fine too.

Use heart Rimu. It has a lovely dense grain that looks great in nice varnish...


Looks like this, I believe it's made from bakelite.

So I can venture to warehouse tomorrow and use a plastic chopping board?

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