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Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline

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I'm coming to the conclusion that I shouldn't listen to @- i5oogt - or @RUNAMUCK. Terrible influences they are. I got shown some pics of a slightly sad looking R30 wagon by Karl whilst picking up another car. I informed it was in @Slacker_Sam.s possession and he was looking to offload it. 





Rego on hold, Cert for LD28 + 5 speed, 1000k of RCU in credit, and pens in the foot well! To the question "Should we go and get it?" I couldn't say no. To make the trip from Christchurch to Motueka worth while we planed it to coincide with @datto_610 and @NickJ getting Greg's 120YTHEFUCKDIDIBUYTHIS and I towed @RUNAMUCKs Kraut Barge to its demise. @- i5oogt - also had business in Blenheim so a trip to the VCC parts shed there for some barrying was in order (they had a stock of vintage Chev stuff I wanted to raid). Left CHCH at 7am got to Motueka at 6:30Pmish dumped off the Bavarian Money Waster, grabbed some food and boose, and headed out to where this wagon was parked. It was pitch fucking black. Not one of my better ideas to load up in the dark. Whilst loading up by the light of Sam's Newschool car the old Barry whose house it was at offered us a good deal on another sedan shell with an L20ET plus a few LD28s and gearboxes. couldn't say no again so another trip is being planned.  With car strapped on and BBQ supplies in the tray we hauled ass over the hill, paused to get the plate number of an old car(whats that plate Baart), to @yoeddynz and Hannah's for a BBQ and to camp out in their shed (Thanks for the hospitality guys). The next morning was the first time I saw it up close in daylight. Karl said "what do you think pf your new skyline Will?" "What the fuck have i gotten myself into?" is all I could think. on the trip home the cars fuel tank came into contact with the trailers winch and ruptured it proving there was diesel in it and it was sealed up until then. We got back to Christchurch just on dark and kicked the R30 off the trailer in Mum's driveway. It was at this point a couple welds on the trailer decided to break. I blame that lard of a Bimmer. 


Discussion thread: 


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This weekend was filled with assessing what is required to get the R30 driving legally again. Plus a date with Mr Karcher and degreaser  was organised. So far I need an engine/trans, 3 Doors, tail gate, tail lights, front guards, steering idler bush, and tyres. Also need to gut and clean the interior to remove the stink, fix a little rust, remove and reseal the Jurassic Park windows at the back, attack the springs with a grinder, and fix the fuel tank. Good thing I've got a few sedans I can rob bits off, just need someone with wagon specific stuff for the likes of lights and tail gate.  





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Spent time on the skyline this weekend but it was mostly hooning around buying stuff rather than actual work/fixing. Got a rust fucked car out of a guys back yard for parts. It should be good for power assist steering, interior parts, couple doors, bonnet, guards, and maybe the hatch with a little work. But the right taillight is fucked. SHIT. oh well. It was a bastard to get on the trailer with the rear wheels having no tyres and the front being flat.  The other wagon I looked at seemed too good to strip for parts even though it was a little rusty. 






Spot the double mirror option on the drivers side. 


The actual work I did do was removing the damaged front and inspecting for rust. Nissan painted theses things after assembling them and as a result they usually rust out behind the front guards and in the A pillars. It would appear someone has had the guards off previously and gone to the bother of painting the inside. Nothing major on the passenger side just some surface rust in spots. Drivers side was a bit worse and dirt was packed in the bottom of the guard causing a small hole in the sill which will need dealing to. The wack it had in the front was all superficial and only bent a corner on the slam panel. 





Next weekend will be attacking it with a wire wheel, Brunox, And some paint. And hopefully get an engine running for it.  



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Update thyme. I'm a little slack as taking pics goes. 

Tried bleeding up the brakes with no success. Massive leak from the rear. Took drums off and it was pretty obvious what the problem was. Had to swap a drum off the parts car on after the steel shoe fucked it. There was also next to nothing left of the front pads. Fitted new rear shoes, wheel cylinders, and front pads. had to take corrosion off the drums with a bit of 60 grit sand paper.  








Dropping the fuel tank out exposed the damage which the trailer winch had done 



I also could see inside the car through holes in the floor which shouldn't have been there and once I cleaned out the boot I discovered water has been pooling around the outside of the sound proofing. 



woHlYLV.jpg 2gkoozd.jpg

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The front suspension was half disassembled and missing some parts so I used the best bits out of 2 parts cars to assemble something that should pass a wof and do for the short term but new bushes and balljoints will be on the cards in the near future. The R30 suspension is really light weight. I had a look at the possibility of fitting an R180 IRS setup out of a sedan into the wagon. It's doable but will require some fab work fitting strut towers and the rear mount for the diff. So it's H165 solid axle for now. 

In order to get a set of rust free doors I nicked one of @- i5oogt -s cars and stole the doors with monsoon shields on them but I'll loose the snazzy 80's decals.   

And to get a transmission I had to remove it from the car it was in. And then I rear mounted the engine. Whilst moving it with the tractor I accidentally holed the sump and put dirty diesel oil everywhere. Fuck it's hard to get off concrete. Will have to attack with a steam cleaner next weekend. The cars dash says 233K which translates to just-run-in in LD28 terms but the transmissions drain plug shows a not so nice story. Might spin it up with the lathe full of diesel to clean it out. 







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The next issue was that the current stock of LD28s in the garage refused to start even with a little persuasive squirt of start ya bastard. looks like I'll have to learn how to rebuild diesel pumps and injectors. Because time is short I looked for running LD28s for sale. Looked at a couple that supposedly ran when parked but had been sitting outside uncovered for ages. Finally found one for a reasonable price and sounded promising when cranking over. Picked it up a day later and managed to get it to start in the shed with no effort. I think the stem seals might need doing though. When I picked it up the seller had organised his mate with a small hiab truck to load it. After the engine was loaded on the trailer he told me he had a LD28 powered C32 laurel that he was looking to get rid of. Apparently too much rust for a wof and dead rego but was running in the last few months and doesn't burn oil. Did a deal sight unseen (aside from a photo on a phone) and I'll test out the car towing capacity of Karls TD 260C on Friday when I pick it up in the dark. Seems to be a running theme with this project. 



@RUNAMUCK lent me some 17" wheels to try on that ,and I quote, "Looked the tits on my Cefiro". I kinda like them but they'll need spacer to fit the front. 




 Still in two minds whether to use the twin headlight wagon front or the slat grill sedan front. 

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Potato pic update 

Picked up Laurel on Friday evening. 



The Diesel 260C was towing quite happily at 90. A bit smokey getting up to speed. Then I decided to pull off to allow traffic to pass. I miss judged how close to an island I was. Heard a bang and thought a tyre had blown. Nope. 





Had to get @JustHarry to bring another trailer and tow vehicle. The car was swapped the car to the other trailer and the wheels were taken off the bent axle. we must of looked shifty or something because the community patrol rolled up wondering what was happening. 





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So the car made it to Hanmer with some help from @- i5oogt -, @JustHarry, @EpochNZ, And @76rolla_gurl. It was mostly just cleaning and fitting interior stuff and making the brakes work properly. In a moment of poor judgment I drilled through the floor of the car without looking under it and squarely went through the fuel and brake lines. That took up some precious time. I got a set of factory wheels of @Beaubot which had good tyres and found a set of trim rings and hubcaps. The night before Hanmer I took it for my first short drive on the road and found it quite peppy all be it slow. And the valve clearance needed doing. @Nick Ritchie, @Tumeke, And @fletch also showed up the night before and talked words of encouragement? With many eyes on the task the wire for Temp gauge was finally found by fetch and quickly hooked up with quality twist and tape. The master cylinder decided to pack up fully on the rear circuit during hanmer but I could still stop sort of. I stripped it down today and it looks good internally just meeds new seals.  The weekend proved the gearing in the rear is a little short and NA dorts are fun but run out of huff on hills. So turbo and taller diff are the next thing. As well as a boot seal.  





Post rally stage by @SunnyCoupe


/tag erryone 

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