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  1. i havent filled it up since leaving christchurch. oily rag m9
  2. xsinclairx GS650e Cafe/Brat project

    rad! this has given me substantial motivation for doing things to my 450e. pine so hard for a 4cyl, but the twins sounds so rad. keen to hear what its like with a straight through 2 into 1. /ling, look forward to seeing your progress mang
  3. oh ill be there. im bringing my mate with me... name's ken ken OATH
  4. @kiwi808 whatdya reckon for a fandango into the alps
  5. So jealous/excited/pining for this build. God who would’ve thought a TS50 would give you so many emotions
  6. registered! agenda to be tabled at the AGM: 1. acceptance of hatchbacks in 2. name change to
  7. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

  8. we amalgamated with
  9. might have to get the pulsar ready... /first AGM for to be held in the hot pools
  10. Nicks GS450 punishing twin

    so we renewed the lease to our current flat for another year.. which means i have a shed for at least another 12 months. i thought i should probs fill it with another bike. I love my 250 but long road rides were so wounding at 90km/h at 8000rpm. I was looking for something more capable of long distances and with more cylinders. Along came this well travelled 1988 GS450. i took it for a ride and fell for it instantly. the twin cyls sound amazing even with stock mufflers, and goes hard in all 6 (you betcha - 6 fuckin gears m8) gears. i am a sucker for punishment and the bike comes with a bit of admin - a half-fucked heated grip setup, leaking clutch cover, and a checkered history. has been round the clock at least once - previous owner used it as his weapon of choice for 30 years for rallies and touring. one bonus was that it got hit by a car not long ago and fell into a tree - drivers insurance covered a full repaint of tank and side covers, and a brand new seat cover. other than that, it's been well loved and came with a fairly complete service record. plans? tidy it up of course, have some exhaust wrap to do the manky headers (probs get a 2 into 1 when funds allow), install a pair of throwing star mags with fresh pirellis and perhaps get a little silly on yahoo japan auctions....
  11. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    time for a birthday. some last minute admin before the burt munro next week!
  12. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    booked in for a WOF tomorrow. then gonna play with the gearing and give it some new sprockets and chain. plan to take it to the Burt in a couply weeks, will be lol have a seat on the way for it, its a wee while away tho
  13. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    thanks to kicker, i have acquired another motor for this thing. i have noticed some serious oil loss on long rides, and the lifters have slowly been making more noise than the exhaust for a while now. so much for bulletproof... found this thing on the tard for cheap (sans sweet casing artwork) which would be damn cheaper than rebuilding the head on the current one. stay chooned...
  14. Nicks RG150

    Harsh but fair. Will have to compensate with cigrit company GP livery.