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  1. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline Chat (or lack there of)

    i assume this is wof n reg now ?
  2. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    Come play cars with us on satdee @Toddy415
  3. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    should be... taking it to @kyteler's chop shop this weekend to remove some cancer.
  4. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    hope it wasnt.. car should be in the shed haha! was it yesterday ? was probs taking it to get its life sentence from wof man...
  5. Oh dear... accord it is. ~just Datsun things~ Meditation: any rust repairers keen to come down to qt and fix me up some nice new metal ? I’ll shout you some quality* accommodation and Sharns for your troubles... *may not be quality
  6. time to start talking convoys ? whose coming from the south ? also bike night at smash on the thursdee night?
  7. a.craw4d's CBR 250

    bit of aling but if you have any trouble with dunners honda outfit, the boys at oamaru honda used to race these and VFRs etc in the 80s/90s. they know their shit bout hondas of this vintage.
  8. a.craw4d's CBR 250

    Quad carbs are a lot of admin to get off. Try gently prying them with a screwy. Were the carbs taken apart by the PO? Maybe one of the slides isn’t in the right way ? Idle mixture turned up to max ?
  9. 4x108? some escort sized rostyles or hustlers would be sooooo good
  10. I expect @Lump to gracefully arrive in his XJ, cob pipe and elvis Costello tracks in hand
  11. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline Chat (or lack there of)

    14s or ban tbh
  12. keen for succulent chinese meals amongst democracy manifested alpine views with others who know their judo well