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  1. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    time for a birthday. some last minute admin before the burt munro next week!
  2. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    booked in for a WOF tomorrow. then gonna play with the gearing and give it some new sprockets and chain. plan to take it to the Burt in a couply weeks, will be lol have a seat on the way for it, its a wee while away tho
  3. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    thanks to kicker, i have acquired another motor for this thing. i have noticed some serious oil loss on long rides, and the lifters have slowly been making more noise than the exhaust for a while now. so much for bulletproof... found this thing on the tard for cheap (sans sweet casing artwork) which would be damn cheaper than rebuilding the head on the current one. stay chooned...
  4. Nicks RG150

    Harsh but fair. Will have to compensate with cigrit company GP livery.
  5. Nicks RG150

    i was a fool to think i could live without a 2 stroke in my life. massive props to @Dolan for sussing this thing for me. currently in the wrong island to me and itching to get it down here to tear apart and start working on it. it is currently residing at a mates place until i can find suitable transport. have only ridden it once and holy guacamole, they are as fun as everybody says they are, then times that by 1000. i gave it death to about 10 grand and was like, oh. was expecting a bit more than that. wasnt long til i realised the party starts at about 14 grand. me oh my! 150ccs of water cooled 2 stroke goodness. its relatively tidy for its age, obviously hasnt seen any love in the past few years and will definitely need a big birthday to get it on the road. reg is dead but plate is still live in carjam, and a clean ownership trail so hoping for a straightforward revin process. assuming it will need a brake cert as well being fairly young at 1998. think there was some info on that stz floating round on here ? if i get dicked around by the inane bureaucrats at the NZTA then i will probably give a go at some development class racing. hell, maybe even both? everyones got a fair few sharns about these things, feel free to reminisce of the decadent late 90s and rad graphics in here for my amusement. oh yeah, if anyone has the means of getting this further south than palmy let a brother know... best regards
  6. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    nah all bulbs are good, checked that first. a bulb out would usually make the rest not flash, but the lefts flash fine. which seems like goat's suggestion could be a goer!
  7. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    not a lot has happened with this thing. been procrastinating on getting new seat. replaced oil, filter and brake shoes. braking power has improved from nothing, to pretty much still nothing but hey. its a hoot to ride for some reason i have lost all action on the right indicators. wiring is all correct as per wiring diagrams. lefts still operate fine and both flash. im a little stuck on where to keep searching. if anyone could help with some fault finding tips thatd be much appreciated.
  8. Jesses lada sharn thread

    how tidy is that interior! well worth the time and effort
  9. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    indicators. good size difference from the big dinner plate spec factory articles! coming along nicely!! would like to move on to replacing the battery and gutting out under the seat. keen to get some recommendations on a good battery to run with. is there anywhere in nz to buy gravity batteries ? they look like the go. warm regards
  10. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    small update after an afternoon in the shed. small speedo fitted. will trim down the speedo mount to bring it closer to the bars. seems relatively accurate, if not a little slow ? its probs just the bike... also hacked the front guard down . took it for a hoon through some puddles and it still serves its purpose. may have trimmed a bit too much off at the back, so might buy another one and try again. indicators are on their way from aliexpress. the stock seat is so horrendously ugs i feel disappointed every time i look at it. will order a new one soon. waiting for some good weather to take this thing for a decent journey!
  11. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    parts arrived yesterday, so spent the morning chucking them on. new tracker bars sit much lower, took way more effort than swapping handlebars ever should, powdercoat is super thick and none of the switch blocks or levers would slide on so spent a bit of time sanding and persuading them to fit. sadly snapped the right indicator switch that goes into the block, but was already held together with gaffa tape so it was expected. new megaphone muffler fitted straight over the header, no shims needed. sounds so good!! a lot less sewing machine sounding now. has removable baffle also for max wannabe harley spec. sadly the hanger doesnt fit so will have to make one up, but other than that pretty stoked at how easy this bike has been to modify so far. ebay seat is not gonna fit nicely without chopping the rear end off and starting again, which for a $80 seat i dont think will be worth it. there's a company that makes a custom seat that fits over the factory frame, only needing a few tabs and brackets grinded off. its expenny but looks so lush. pix
  12. Nick's Yamaha SR250

    after selling GP125 it was time to move on to the next project. so i picked this thing up yesterday! 1983 Yamaha SR250, fully road legal and ready to go. at an extremely sharp price it was hard to say no. the dude i bought it off had gone overseas and was chillin in storage, hasnt been used for 4 months so took a wee bit to start it and warm up. gave it a good run today and blew off the cobwebs, such a great ride being able to keep up with open road traffic. sits at 100km/h no troubles if the wind has nothing to say about it. Experiencing finer luxuries like electric start, 12v charging system and a neutral light are a delightful bonus. ' will be a slow build but i plan to tidy it up and turn it into a street tracker/brat style bike. theres a few minor things to get sorted, few gaffa tape side cover repairs and some questionable braking ability at the top of the list. already ordered tracker bars, small speedo and a megaphone muffler. will probs buy tiny battery and gut out the midsection for max lushness. also bought a flat seat with great optimism, but after looking at the frame it is gonna be a real mission to get it to fit nicely without taking to it with a grinder. ideally id like to put a rear hoop in and get it super tidy so we'll see how we go. pix for inspiration
  13. Jordans 1982 Suzuki TS185 dirt/street tracker

    have you tried the modern motorcycle company in aus ? they have similar stuff to dime city and cheaper/easier shipping.
  14. Nick's GP125

    A sharn to make Bart look silly. facebook told me it was a year since i bought this off Goat Joe, and i thought it deserved its own thread. after being enthralled by the beauty of 2tang with my ax100, i pined for more oil burning goodness, but something a bit more legal. this popped up and i just had to have it. 125cc single cylinder, rotary valve induction 2 stroke. as much as i wanted to strip it and turn it into another cafe/brat racer, i couldn't get past its amazing looks as a bog standard commuter bike. these bikes are the weapon of choice for bucket racing, and the majority of GP125s have been scrapped and turned into track bikes. i wanted to retain some of its standard glory, but add my own touch to it. first step was clubman bars. made the bike feel better to ride, looked much cooler too. good for speed tuck tank huggin horsepower hunting stz. they looked rather out of place, so my next goal was to make the front of the bike look a bit cleaner, remove some of the cluster. enter $15 ebay indicators. flimsy, snap if you look at them funny, but they suited the bike and didnt draw any attention like the big dinner plate spec factory ones. Neal had also advertised a GP100 for sale. so i ended up with 2 of these glorious bikes. i managed to keep the header, and mudguards which i eventually trimmed up for my bike, still keeping an original untouched set. i also scored a tidy tail light from the modern motorcycle company which i fitted instead of the factory brick. then came the smaller details - it was too easy to remove the factory clocks and replace with a tiny speedo for max cleanness. but there's something about the OEM clocks, their aesthetic, and watching it climb to 11000 rpm making all of the noises. so instead of binning them i whipped up a pair of alloy spacers on the lathe and lowered the cluster to sit flush with the bars. and then i just kept on riding it. a whole bunch. evening pack rides with @Chunky_t . couldnt help but hoard bits for it. i scored some YSS shocks for it as well - they are bit too soft for my liking, but 10x better than factory items, and make me look like i go fast. then i stumbled across these throwing star mag wheels off of a GT250 X7 which i got for a steal. currently in the process of cleaning them up. then it came to queenstown to me. pretty awesome work vehicle. i asked work if they would reimburse me 2 stroke oil as well as fuel, but they said their wasn't an IRD standard covering oil consumption... after i slapped a wof on it, was time for a massive birthday - brake pads, chain, sprockets, clutch cable, front brake switch and so on. feels like a brand new bike mayte. next items on the list for this thing will be to trim the frame, seat pan and some plush upholstery, fit tyres to my alternate throwing star wheels for max GP replica stz, and make this bad boy fit... until next time.
  15. Lord Gruntfuttock's 1973 Honda Trail 90 (CT90)

    mate shudda pushed it to the track! park it in the pits we woulda had it running in no time!