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18 hours ago, ajg193 said:



2.277:1, might be a bit tall


Might also be a bit wide of a housing too. Car total width is around 1600 mm so flange to flange would probably be around 1400


Supposedly same housing and all as KP starlets, just different ring gear / stud pattern / mounting

I came across that same 2.2 ratio, wouldn't work too well for this I don't think but would be useful for something.

EDIT: with 175/50/13's (so I can fit Civic brakes) and a 2.277:1 diff it would be geared for 276kph at 11,000rpm... lol.

And about 4000rpm for 100kph


2.929:1 would be 216kph at 11000rpm

And about 5100rpm for 100kph




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1 hour ago, ajg193 said:

If you do go with some sort of starlet based diff, 3.1 heads are also available: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/x606284693

(just not very common)

I'm a bit concerned with the smaller C/W and probably smaller axles. It is a light car but I don't want to have to worry about it all the time. T-Series should hopefully be a good compromise. And LSD's are easily available.

The AE95 diff guy surfaced again so hopefully have some measurements this weekend.

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29 minutes ago, ajg193 said:

They seem to cope fine with around 140 hp with lsd, but yeah they're a bit small. Lightweight though.

It's hard to know, being maybe 250kg lighter than a KP Starlet you'd think it would put less stress on it but on the other hand it's a 190hp/12,000 rpm engine (limited to 11,600 in 6th apparently). 

178hp without airdam, but still.

The ZX12R has about the same torque as a 4age, while people upgrade the KP diffs with 4age conversions.

I had a 4agze in an AE86 years ago and the T-series held up fine (T50 not so much), no LSD though so single spinning inner wheel all the time, so less stress I guess.

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16 hours ago, MaxPower said:

is there a plan for the original motor? my friend has seized his and is looking for a cheap replacement 

Not sure yet, I was thinking of keeping it and keeping an eye out for another n360 to fix up because I have a problem.

Got any photos of his one?

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3 hours ago, ~Slideways~ said:

myKool just pointed out that Zebra Onehunga just got an AE95 Carib with the axle/diff/propshaft I need.

But I'm in Wellington. How do I get it? I'd pay someone to remove it but no idea who'd be able to.

@sentra  might be kind enough.

He's definitely pretty enough. 

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36 minutes ago, Adoom said:

Welds look good. You know the trick of putting a bit of copper behind the weld? It really helps with blow through and doesn't stick to the weld. I just use a bit of flattened copper pipe.

That's a good idea, would have been good in that spot since I could get to the other side.

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