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Run LED Bulbs in the Hilux and they are all good, got a wof on Wednesday with them and he was happy said the beam was nice n sharp, mine is an H4 if you want you can borrow it for a test? They are just Aliexpress specials with "Philips" LED in them.

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Rego acquired. 


Now on the hunt for a new left hand side cover. Seems to bigger than the og engine cover. 


Also the guys next door gave it a bit of a service got it going a hell of a lot better. 


Played with the carb a bit but needs some smaller jets to get it running a bit better. Also drilled a 6mm hole in the exhaust to free it up a bit and give it some more flow. Made a bunch of difference with the amount of rev it had/now has. 

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Ah so the cover on the left hand side if off a newer bike. I kinda gathered that much but gave up looking for another one for now as I've been busy with everything else. 


I got a glove box for it a while back that fired a guys early super and others but didn't fit mine cause of the later guard. Ahh well. 


Lucky I have a cutting mechanism and a metal stick thing. 




Cut here. 


Mis a few photos of steps and boom done. 




I put some windlace on the side of it and grinded back the crappy paint and my crappy welding. 


Got a tonneau cover fitting and Rivited that so now I have a glove box. Perfect. 




Off for a ride tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how many kms I get to a tank. 

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The bike mechanics next door did an oil change on my gearbox reckoned it was like 4 times the correct amount it in and that's what was getting over my tyre. 




But I've cleaned the fuck out of it and the oil level should not be effecting it. So I've come to believe its fuel. And it fucken stinks of gas as well. 


Now I don't know if its cause I don't turn my fuel off when it's not running but I'm going to try that and go from there. 




Thanks to having a label maker at work I now know which is off and won't guess. 


I got a new tyre and tube from the neighbors as well as handy bla bla bla good work relationships (sorry grassman) but I also asked grassman to order me a new rear shock. But back to the tyre. 

Split the rim and removed the old tyre. Shit my rim is in a bad state. Wire wheeled the fuck out of it and put a rust converter and painted that shit on. 




All purple like Beth's eye of once were warriors. 


While apart I destroyed a can of break cleaner on the inside of the wheel arch and engine to clean it up. 


Come in this morning. Bugger leaking already. So gas tap off for now. Will go for a ride with @Raizer when he arrives today and then proceeded to check it out. But the fuel is destroying the tyre so need to find out what it is ASAP. 

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6 minutes ago, 64vauxhall said:

Come in this morning. Bugger leaking already. So gas tap off for now. Will go for a ride with @Raizer when he arrives today and then proceeded to check it out. But the fuel is destroying the tyre so need to find out what it is ASAP. 

See it quite a bit on older vespas at work. Tap off is the quick fix. Doing it after each ride can be annoying but a good habit. 

Only issue is when you start the thing, go for a hoon and it dies after 800m then you spend 5 minutes kicking the thing till you realise the fuel isn't on. Lol. Have you checked out SIP? They've got the largest haul of Vespa stuff I've ever seen. Shipping doesn't take too long either. 

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yeah have checked out SIP @MopedNZ i also dont have the time to search and honestly cant be assed trying to track down the parts. time is better off making money and then spending it haha.

poo man told me about them as soon as i brought it. will look into getting an exhaust once life and business sorts itself out. LOLS

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So I got my tap and replaced that. While I was there I thought better change fuel hose as it looked eh pretty average. 




Replaced that with a new nice rubber flex able hose. Was too long and ended up pinching it not just one time, two times.


Was a bloody prick of a thing.


Then the needle got stuck and fuel pissed everywhere. 



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Replace the plastic hose with the proper rubber fuel hose as the pvc will go hard and either crack with the good vibrations or most likely be a bitch to remove next time, I would make sure you run a filter in that line, this will save you cleaning the carb on the side of the road in the pissing rain... I found this out the hard way!

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Yea that's what I did do, same time I replaced the tap. 


Had a look in the carb while fixing needle issues and what not. 




Cool. Looking thing. Different to a normal carb as such. 


Then I started to ride a bit. Done about 120kms on it. 




God dam photos are way to big in jpg so won't upload. May have to upload else where and post them. Dam it. 

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so i think next on the list of things to do was modify a rack and bolt that to the bike for extra gasoline.

cut here


add here

Image may contain: people sitting

bobs your uncle 



bottom two are riv nuts and the top one is welded in. This rack was of a 100 suzuki that i bent into shape and then cut the front off and welded my front tap to.


jerry can fits perfect, bit since riding it a fair amount ive decided that its not going to go there and ill relocated it to another place, this weeks job hopefully.

the other day i had my main hub nut come off on me pretty much the hole way which i wasnt overly happy about.


had a really weird feeling going on just didnt feel nice at all.


quick fix and away again for a bit. while parts from auckland arrived 


so while i done that i thought id do a few other things to it.


oh and my side panel had shit set up and it feel off last time i went to raglan so i removed that and put riv nuts in place and put new bolts with a bunch of lock tight on them so it worn be falling off, but to do that i had to remove my tank.

while the tank was out i did this.


what on earth is this thing on top.

and i couldnt get it off so an easy fix.



 put that bad boy back in and man my headlight now touches the ground!!!! its bloody amazing. 

done a bunch of riding in the dark and a hell of  alot of kms, clocked up over 200kms in the weekend of bathurst.

My speedo stopped working as well so i use google to track my kms

since then i have been clocking up the kms and making sure its going well. but have been sick of not having a mirror so that was next on the list of things to do. had a bit of flat bar at work so i drilled a couple of holes and cleaned the edges up a bit, while welding a nut on the front for it. these holes are factory mounted holes for a mirror which was bloody handy.



its a bit short but im not faised at all lest i now have one, i do have to look through my armpit though.

went for a shack down ride with @mark105 and @Truenotch and done 130 kms on it, fuel tap getting turned on at 90km mark and running out going down my drive way on the way to work on sunday at 130kms


stopped off at the tooth brush fence cause well if its not on the internet its not real


then the raglan pub.


then when 105 broke down, at this stage markku also had no kick start so i was push starting him on my vespa with one leg out.


and we made it back to mine just in time to get our drank on for my house warming.

also here are some other random photos of scooter stuff.


the view from home 


doing drop offs at the post shop.


how low can you go, well low enough to scrape the kick start.


also here is my last ride on the gyro.



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3 hours ago, BLIZZO said:

why is your fuel brown? you running some kind of dank premix? that almost looks like straight oil

We have the same with some customers Vespas at work, leave the tap on and the petrol evaporates leaving the 2T oil to drip down and stain the ground. 

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