Kimjon's Harley bobber project

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Drive belt arrived. I worked out the length using some 7th form mathematics I kind of remember. I then had to order the closest thing to it size wise.


Problem is my maths was in between sizes available. So I went bigger. Logic been worst case it should still work versus not fitting at all. 





My remote oil filter is a bit close to the belt. But I have an easy solution for this. I'd like another 5mm of clearance to avoid potential issues.

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Jiffy-stand or kickstand; depends on what school you went too? Call it whatever you doesn't change the fact they are an essential item on a bike.


Now, the shitty thing is that Harley never made it to work on my one off custom bike I've made, that they don't know exists. Further more the shellfish engineers at Harley never designed their bikes with open primary drives like I've added to mine. So using factory Harley parts on a non factory bike "just ain't gonna work!" No surprises there.

A look on Google didn't reveal any great solutions. Sure TC bros make a weld on stand, as do others...but if you take time to read a review or two, (unlike the headline only reading generation we seem to be breading) the people who actually have one of these dont rate them highly, saying not to park facing downhill the stand will fold back on itself very quickly and you're going to be picking your bike up off the sidewalk.


The factory jiffy stand mechanically locks on a pivoting cam lock mechanism when the weight of the bike is on it, which is genius! Sure you don't want to really park any bike facing downhill...but with a factory original you can get away with less than ideal situations.

So, the problem:


The stand hits the primary belt drive. Easy - cut it off so it doesn't?

Nope...that solves one problem and reveals another. The stand then dissapeared under the belt. The belt is direct drive to the its alway turning if the motor is running...aka "meat grinder"


I had a sportster harley kickstand that took a hit for the team.


Bit of metal hot glue action. If it all works out I'll get it chromed.

Next issue, the stands locating lug wasn't working as it should. The stand could go past centre and fold back on itself. I needed to make a different design to factory to solve my first issue of the stand disappearing under the belt and the stand not really stopping where it should. 




This did the trick. Black one is factory part, new one installed is my new and improved version.

The position shown above is folded back in the riding position. You can see I've added another lug/stop that limits the amount it can fold back, this keeps the tip of the foot hanging out enough so you can (funnily enough) kick it out, safely without putting your body parts too close to the "meat grinder"!



You can see the tab just sticking out enough to get your foot safely on it with jandels???


Weirdly it's not in the way, as the riding position with the seat located way back forces you to put you feet behind and outward from the kickstand when balancing the bike in a sitting position. This wasn't intended...but I'll take dumb luck like this anyday.


I'll leave it like that for now, and if need be I'll tweak it for extra ground clearance if its required...though I doubt it, as its hardly the type of bike you'll be dropping a knee on the ground during corners eh. The stand has about 30mm of upwards movement, so if it did ever'd hear it and still have a factor of safety of 30mm which is like 200mm of lean at handlebar height.

So yeah, a fucking very long story about a simple kickstand...but its these shitty little problems that often take the most thought and effort to solve.


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Regulators, bit of a headache. I have a 23amp stator and a 32 amp rotor.

I brought a 32 amp regulator...but the pins are wrong size. So I brought another one in 23amp...which fits.

My understanding (elec-trickery isn't strong point),  is that the rotor is just a magnet and isn't going to affect the stator adversely and cause it to make more power. Plus if the demand is low, the system wont be making anywhere near 23amps anyways? 

So assuming thus to be true, I'm pushing onwards...


32amp, wrong pin size.



Making bracket for 23amp regulator.


I put a hook in the bracket for wiring to clear.


And all done. I'll give it some saturation time for it to grow on me. I hate that it's not centred...however neither is the crankcase of this motor. In fact the entire motor is way off maybe it really doesn't matter? I can offset the bracket to force it to the centre if it really does fuck me off, but for now I'm not sure how much of an issue it is. Put it this way, I'm not in love with it...but I don't hate it either.

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My OCD kicked in and I was about to make another bracket. But then looking at how the motor sits in the frame from above, it's not like that's centred.


It also looks like a lot of free space on the bikes RHS however there are brake and clutch lines yet to go in maybe that space might come in handy. So talked myself into leaving it for now.

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Okay, some days I actually struggle to take myself seriously. All of the above justification was complete bullshit...of course it not been centred annoyed me.

I was totally lying to myself, in the same way a teenage girl heading away to university says to her boyfriend that she wants an open relationship and be able to date other guys - but everything is going to work out fine between us. Or your wife tells you that her Google search history of huge black Congolese cock is because she has an interest in anthropology.

Anyways I digress. OCD is strong in me, and it just didn't sit well...literally! So fuck it, I faced up to myself and made it again, but different.


Marking out.


Finished bracket, sandblasted to match motor cases.


Sitting in the center of frame.


View from afar. Looks more in balance now, with it centre of frame tubes.

Much happier now, I can actually look at myself in the mirror and finally take myself seriously again...thew!


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3 hours ago, Muncie said:

How much power does a motor like yours punch out? That drive belt is massive.

Nowhere near enough to even remotely trouble it.

They're 1340cc capacity and an unimpressive 70hp stock. The low hp figure is because they only rev about the same as a small block chevy, so say around 5700rpm if it was screaming Vs sportbike 18000rpm.


My motor has been freshly rebuild with an Andrew's camshaft and all new parts will put out a little more than that, but it's no hayabusa for sure.

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Fucking around with my exhausts. They are the lowest part of my bike, so I trimmed as much off as possible without ruining the ceramic coated heat shields.



The bit sticking out the lower pipe (marked by vivid line in photo above) is now gone.

I then measured how much the bike could lean before touching and its approaching 30° from vertical. Doesn't sound much, but then I Google searched a few images and noticed something.


This superbike is hard out cornering with a knee down, but the bike itself is probably 45° max from vertical, maybe not even that much? So 30° doesn't seem too bad for a cruiser. But when I do my final assembly I'll look at it again and may get a bit more aggressive with the angle grinder if need be.

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That's Marc Marquez on a motogp bike and he is up over 60 degrees from vertical usually :grin:

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I'll probably cut the pipes a bit more. But I'd like something like the pipe to touch first (if it was to ever happen) to give me an early indication that its been pushed beyond its limits, rather than contacting the frame or something solid with no give. Once again, think I'm worried about shit that's never going to happen.

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Loving the look of this thing mate!

3 hours ago, Lord Gruntfuttock said:

Harleys can lean...?


A customers Fatboy. Has a 120ci (2000cc) donk and is raised 2" front and rear. Still scrapes pipes cornering. LOOOOSE. 

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4 hours ago, Lord Gruntfuttock said:

Harleys can lean...?

I've seen some hard out riders in nz, a dude the other day was doing stand up burnouts down Greenwood street in Hamilton, on his Harley... middle of the day, wildly crossing both lanes and passing cars while smoking the tyres for hundreds of meters up the road! Moments like that I wish I had an SD card in my eyes so I could download it and share it with other people.

This dude (YouTube  below) gives zero fucks too and shows that often it's more about the rider than the bike.


Though I'm sure he could do it even faster on an R1. He's probably dead by now, but fuck he showed commitment!

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I hate those moments. Bit easier these days with smart phones etc tho!

I drove up to the big TeRapa roundabout once and there was a 90's falcon drifting round and round and round the inside lane. so epic.

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Hot metal glue gun action...


Bolts are for pussy's!!!


Functional, but far from sexy. That probably describes most kiwi woman...and this bracket falls into that category too.

I'll get it chromed and it should disappear and not draw attention to itself.

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31 minutes ago, SOHC said:

I have had 2 of those steady's snap lol

How did they fail? Did they crack along a stress line? How did you remedy it? Keen to hear about your situation and how you solved it.

I was going to lathe up some round plugs and bend some round bar kind of  like this:


But by the time I found somewhere for the choke to go, it seemed a waste of time. I may still go down this route, but I'm obsessing over small stuff that really doesn't matter.

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