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Sgt's Barry built boat

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Took old motor off, put new motor on.

Wired new motor, went to trim it up, solendoids clicking but no movement from pump motor. Bugger

Had to remove one side of mounting bracket to get at this bugger.


Cracked it open to find that the commutator and bushes were covered in oxide



Sanded them back and hit it with a liberal amount of contact cleaner

Put back together and is working ok, a little noisy and a little slow, will replace in future.

Leaves me with this- Ready to start on a fine day with no kids.



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Had issue after issue with getting this in the water. Life got in the way

Had an afternoon free yesterday so decided to roll this out of the shed and give it a go

Took a while to start but finally fired up with a smooth steady idle.

Bundled up wife and three kids, launched the boat, found the first major issue - the gear selection was reversed. Put it in reverse to got forward spec.

Motored out of napier harbour, put it in forward and disconnected the shift cable (throttle is limited in reverse), gave it some beans and found the second major issue

It wont rev over 3000 rpm, not quite enough to get the boat on the plane. My gut feeling is that its way overpropped. I need to check that the throttles are opening fully, but i might just go and get another prop before i look into it much more. The prop on it looks very grabby, but has no pitch numbers to compare. The gear reversal can be easily fixed i think, instead of putting the cable onto the push lug i need to put it on the pull lug inside the control box. I was looking for an excuse to open up the control box anyway and attach a temp guage and warning LED's to the various sensor output wires in there.

The good news is that the outboard is charging, starts and stops first pop, and is smooth and quiet

We still motored out to spot x, and had a hour of good fishing, came home with 10 gurnard and some kahawai for smoking. The cats will be happy!



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Cheers Kyteler

Even more so when the boats been built by a Barry and nothing is interchangeable, for example notice steering is on the left...

After looking into my shift issues and pouring over parts diagrams, it looks like we have a problem.

The shift cam must have flipped when i was changing the impellor. Its now facing 'down', and thus has reversed my shift pattern.

im going to try and flip it back over using the tiny access granted by removing the shift shaft. Its going to be painful, im going to want to throw something.

Otherwise il have to remove the entire bearing carrier/ prop shaft assembly and do it from the back.

Good times with boats!


Image result for mercury shift cam

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