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Daves 1994 Skyline GTR


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2 hours ago, Seedy Al said:

I approve


And like the wheels


good shiz

Cheers mate. 


Regarding the wheels, they are BBS RS replica wheels. Would I be committing some sort of wheel crime by chucking on some BBS centre caps? Would never try pass them off as genuine, just thinking the centre caps look pretty sweet.

Like this guys wheels


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The V-spec II came with the BBS from factory though a different variant.  Not really my bag as I've mentioned, my preference (not that it matters to you, I know, but I just love the look) is a simple 5-spoke such as a

RAYS Nismo LM or a


Desmond Regamaster


They work with the design of the car a lot better than a super spoked "busy" wheel.

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13 hours ago, kyteler said:

Also, RE: Centre-caps you could always do what that chap on trademe did and say they're "Genuine Replicas"

Haha good idea.

I was looking at some 5 spoke wheels, think I was having a nosey at the Rota version of the Desmond Regamaster .  Was also looking at some Work wheels. Problem with those wheels is that they are awfully expensive, im more after the look not the light weight performance gains. Good thing about wheels is if I get sick of them I can easily swap them for something else.


Going to send a nice side on picture to my brothers partner who does graphic design to change the color of the centres. Ill post some pictures up and work out which color looks best.

10 hours ago, governorsam said:

So happy you got this car instead of the red one I looked at on your behalf. It was a dog. This is lush. Stoked.

Cheers mate. Saved me potentially a lot of hassles and the wine red color didn't really do it for me anyway. Just looked like a good buy at the time.


If your ever in Auckland ill take you for a spin and a beer.



Also what is up with everyone putting N1 front bumpers on their GTRs? Those two square holes look like shit in my opinion. Too much going on. Only external styling mod I may do is a front diffuser to bring the front down a little, maybe a carbon fibre one from Abflug or something.

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21 hours ago, kyteler said:

Also, RE: Centre-caps you could always do what that chap on trademe did and say they're "Genuine Replicas"

Genuine replicas is kind of a thing, sort of. I have this set of Advanti 'A Version' / Work Emotion XT7s on my altezza, they even have the same stickers style that say advantiemotion. genuine branded advanti wheels but replica works, not overly sure how they didnt get sued over it cause they are dead copies.

i also concur on the fat 5 spoke style for the GTR but as you say, its his car and hes happy. sure doesn't look terrible at any rate! they are great fun


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So little updates have been going on,


Replaced the stock turbos for rebuilt turbos with steel exhaust wheels for more boost with less breakage. Also got braided lines etc to make fitting easier as was a cunty job.


Apexi AVCR type R boost controller for maximum boost

Apexi Power FC ECU for maximum tuning.


Goes alright but am having boost issues so think I have a vac leak somewhere, cant get over 1bar of boost which is a bit lame. Hopefully have it sorted soon after I pressure test it all. Also getting a slight synco noise on really aggressive high rpm shifts, chucking some redline lightweight in it to smooth my box out.

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On Monday, 12 June 2017 at 02:46, Ashkellybarr said:

Video of launch please :)

Going to clubfest at Hampton downs this weekend. Will be drag racing and shit there.


Otherwise Ill give your carina a good go at the oldschool xmas drags if they firing that up again this year.


Will provide video as requested

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