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Tumeke's Bike 'Investments' (formally Suzuki B100P)


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Awesome! Love to old style tank! Cheap rego too.

I have a 197? B120p. It doesn't have the old style tank...(sadface)

Seems like ebay has all the goodies available including old style tanks. Some are a bit pricey of course, but keep and eye out I reckon. 


Wonder if I can just put one of my 50cc rego and plates on it..... Hmmmmm

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Mine didn't have a fuel tap so go one from Thailand for $5 or something like that. Works mint.

They are pretty easy to revin, then I think they are only $60 a year for rego?

Mine hoons along sweet. Great little bikes.

I have the same problem it appears. Ebay I assume?

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  • Tumeke changed the title to Tumeke's Bike 'Investments' (formally Suzuki B100P)

Right - got more bikes, so updated thread to keep track.


Suzuki Sepia 2T. Was a sub hundy FB marketplace buy.

Added go fast badges and Tongan flag.

When it's not carving up the mean streets of Mangere, it's put to use collecting firewood.


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I saw this at Kumeu with an 'offers' sign on it but CBF at the time, so grabbed the guys number.

Rang him a week later to find he had been dicked about and wanted rid of it so I went and grabbed it. 


Motor was seized so separated with big hammers, cleaned up barrel and throw a new piston at it.


Bike has decided it likes to seize after long periods of WOT. Will throw a bigger main jet at it one day.  Is fine around the suburbs.


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Honda Country Calendar Collection.mp3

These are my 4t farm spec bikes for rounding up nangs at the shed.

2 x CT-200 Auto AG with pull-start because getinbehindyamongrel.

1 x CT-125 conventional 


I don't really know why I have these, other than cheap. One came with a thistle grubber which hasn't yet been useful.

Will probably offload but keen on some @UTERUS Thomson's track action first if there are thistles up there.

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This is one of my RV-125 Van Van things.

I had 2 1/2 of them. 

Bit of a pointless bike, but do have a tacho and 5 speeds. Balloon tyres were designed for sand dunes, but not that usefull otherwise. All a bit rugged so have been selling them off in true Penny Pincher style lately.



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