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KiwiBirdmans 1962 EJ Holden Wagon


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9 hours ago, k-trips said:

These are headers made by Castle Headers for a 304 into EJ/EH



These are the headers that go out through the inner guard.

Being the difficult contrary bugger that I am I want my exhaust to go down the side of the engine. If there is a hard way of doing something, that will be the way I want it.

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17 hours ago, kyteler said:

How solid are your mounts?  That piping from the photo angle looks like something that could hit on motor vibration/twist

I am using standard Holden rubber mounts. There is more clearance than the photo shows, there is about 10mm to the lip where the 2 halves of the subframe are joined together. I will be cutting that back when the engine comes out. Fingers crossed that the motor doesn't move that much.

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On 17/09/2016 at 19:46, Kiwibirdman said:

Today is engine in the hole day


First put engine and gearbox together


This took 3 goes until the torque converter was properly into the trans.


Then move the car over and line up, does it really fit in this little hole????



Nearly there. Managed to drop a whole lot of trans fluid on the floor. Typical, and a little goes a long way.





In the hole but not a lot of space. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record these are really small cars especially in the engine bay.






The chassis rail at the front will need to be notched to get some clearance. The engine mount adapters are of a VT commodore and put mounts too far apart. 


Lots of head scratching, contemplating and then cutting and shutting to do. If anyone has any brilliant ideas add them to the discussion.

Remote mount the oil filter?

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Blind Stupidity is the answer. And if I knew how much there was to change, not to mention rust to fix I probably wouldn't have bought it.

I have built a few cars over the years.  V8 conversions into HQ Holdens is a piece of cake, stand back and throw it in the hole and away you go. My Firebird was a big mechano set when I bought it, but most parts can be bought off the shelf.

This is the hardest project by far because everything has to be changed to fit. My bloody mindedness also made things harder, I will have a column shift, the headers will go down beside the engine not through the inner guards..............

I have got a bit discouraged a couple of times, when I bought the car 13 years ago I could have got a really good HZ wagon for $3k and had it finished years ago. Then I think no one else will have a car like this and really there hasn't been that much money go into it. 

I'm so close that not finishing now is not an option.

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I did have some very good advise from the panelbeater. Get all the bolt on panels, doors, guards, tailgate etc fixed first as they come off the car.

Number of reasons, first is if you run out of motivation there are some good parts to sell, second progress can be seen along the way, lastly when you get to the stage I'm at the final assembly goes fast and is motivation to get done.

I think I may have given up if I still had all the bolt on panels to do. The mechanical stuff, even as slow as this car has been due to making so many bits, is fun, Fixing rusty doors and guards not so much. Lots of cars get the engine and running gear sorted, body stripped and then never put back together because it all becomes too hard.

Now when the car goes  for paint it will come back ready for putting every thing together.

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5 minutes ago, chris r said:

You could probably say that with a lot of our projects really. 

The manifold looks bloody good. Bet it is satisfying to see the manifold all completed 

It is. Will look even better when they go off and get HPC coated. I will get it running before coating just in case there are any places that hit the chassis and need some cut and shut.

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On 13/02/2019 at 22:45, j.e.d. said:

Maaate, this is the best update yet!! You must be so pumped to have it all painted. Well done man, can’t wait to see more updates and the wagon finished

Thanks Mate. It is a great leap forward. 

I'm pretty slack about updating the build thread. Lots of half finished bits that only need a small push to get finished. I promise to do some more regular updates, it is pretty close. 

Put it together, get @cletus to certify and get it registered. Easy, should be done in no time!

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