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Duds' 2002 bee em double ewe

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One day it shall be a 2.something stroked turbo weapon! That 2.7ltr turbo m20 makes me feel funny in my pants.


In the mean time though - I need to rebuild and lush the engine up, along with the rest of the car. What's the process to rebuild an engine? I'm guessing:

  1. Take it all apart
  2. Degrease as much of it as I can
  3. Figure out which ancillaries are bung and what's to keep
  4. Take stripped down engine block and head somewhere to get test/cleaned
  5. Block/head rebored, honed, crank polished, valves ground etc.
  6. Start buying rebuild bits like: gaskets, seals, valve seals, oversized pistons, rods, a lush cam, megasquirt etc
  7. Figure out how to put all this shit together

Is this right more or less?  

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Fenders were welded from the factory with 2 or 3 tacks and then lead loaded to cover the seam so your fenders could be the originals? Hopefully the underseal wont be hiding too many headaches! Keep up the good work :-)


Ahh that makes sense now! Although, they were pretty shoddy welds.. Ahh well, I'll make even shoddier welds when I put them back on to keep up tradition. 


I get super motivated each time I read up on your project on the FAQ! Do you recon there'd be much of a difference running single line boosterless brakes without the twin brake boosters? 

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Need some advice please!




The little fins on the aluminium front grills have snapped off and was wondering what the best way to fix it is? Could some solder hold it together?

How about cutting some small strips of aluminium to bridge behind the grill stripsand the main part and use a metal epoxy to affix?


Cool project, always wanted a 2002tii

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