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1963 Ford Galaxie Hardtop of Glory - The Bronze

The Bronze

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I've been tempted by a couple of cars recentlyish, but would mean selling my VG, and the main thing that puts me off is dealing with idiots and I just cant be fucked with them

Good luck, hopefully the sort of car it is minimises the amount of chumps you have to deal with 

I'll keep an ear out for anyone after one 

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1 hour ago, kyteler said:

Joizuz, I'm not sure that could be any tighter a fit!  Madness. 

Haha yea.. perhaps not ideal but oh well!

In the near future I’m gonna centralise her more in the garage so I can walk down both sides, and I’ll look at rebating the wall a little bit.. the other side of the wall is a sleepout where my son stays and he’s  mentioned the sweet smell of exhaust fumes whenever I start her up.. he’s not complaining though haha

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