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treggos (ex keltik) baguette 405 build diary


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So yeah i bought this thing;


And im going to turn it into this thing;


Things I Like;

* It looks manly but 'cute' at the same time.

* It isnt full of rust

* It isnt a Subaru

* It has the most awesome head ever

* The steering is responsive and the car corners exceptionally well

Things I Dont Like;

* The clutch is set in concrete

* The interior. Period.

* The intake is just poor. No sugar coating it - its just a poor design.

* Gear ratios seem a little long for what the car needs. Maybe this is because im used to my Subaru having completely the wrong gearbox in it.

* The engine is a bit sluggish to rev. Again - maybe this is due to me being used to the GT30 which is pretty snappy.

* The electrics seem to break and fix themselves occasionally. Nothing a hammer cant sort

Things Im Going to Do;

* Remove interior

* Fit buckety seats

* Bolt on my spare fart cannon

* Get it all road legal (might do this prior to any of the other things).

* Buy some wheels

* Lower/stiffen it a bit with some new sway bars

* New brakes, wonder if Znoelli do a S12 rotor to fit these....

* Wire in a Link loom so i can swap my G4 between cars whenever i want

* Run ITB's of some description

* Sticker it up to match the above BTCC photo except make most of the decals audio related. I can then use it as an advertising tool for my shop and my suppliers might pay for the signwriting.

Comments and suggestions welcome as always. Aim of the game is to compete against Brad in the OSTCC. France v Germany - how could i lose?!

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Yea ill punch you through my computer if you put a fart cannon on. Straight through exhaust with some simple straight through muffler underneath, maybe a flanged end section to chuck some restrictive zaust on for the road. Also I think keeping a track car road legal is a pain in the arse, any serious stuff you want to do needs a cert,

Also as said worries about getting flash rotors, stock rotors and mean pads are in order for now

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Quite keen for the Znoelli rotors over anything else since they are relatively cheap and seem to be a much better casting. The 2 sets ive had on my wagon were outstanding and the flat rotors on there now are a disappointment. I mean really, $260ish for a pair of decent slotted rotors is cheap, might as well.

As for exhaust stuff, ill think of something creative.

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doughy power delivery is these tings to a tee below 4k rpm. also probably down to the gayballs afm to a point as well.

also plz don't fartcannon it!

you can sort the ratios to make it a little more track friendly by playing with what box is fitted to it. 1.6l 205gti box with mi16 first gear is a really popular one. I'm running a 405 sri box in mine for now, although being at the top of 3rd gear at about 180 will get old quick I reckon. hah.

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heck! it doesn't feel as bad in a smaller shell with those ratios.

and yeah, not much exhaust room at all. find a sweet straight through backbox that'll fit the hole?

also if you remove all that gay spare wheel carrier shit you'll free up moar room to slam one in sideways or something,.

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