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I'll put my angled modded rear guard back on (need to chop the storage area as it was rubbing despite my measurements, I assume the tyre at max rpm grows a bit)

And do something like this



lol indicators look extra massive now. would look less goofy with the indicators in the original location. Probably have to get a new seat, longer shocks, new tank etch now that ive started

Still need to do a numberplate light and bracket, but the light came in at around 110g.

Might attach the plate across the back of the rack because it's easy and exactly the right size

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I like the plate on the rack because it's out of the way (but also right in your face and looks weird)


Or option 4, which is pretty much the same but with the plate at the bottom, 

Looks the best out of the 4 possibly, mounted in a more traditional position, but does have the plate kind of sticking out to get torn off in the bush or something.


Probably do the rack mount one and if I hate it il put it down below the fender.

Not super set on keeping this fender if I can get a very plain plastic one, so just getting it together is probably the best option

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26 minutes ago, flyingbrick said:

Omg, those indicators lol. They look wider than the bars. 


yeah but, and i cant believe im saying this about a gn

performance over aesthetics

thats where they dont interfere with the loaded panniers. Looks "normal" when the panniers are on

Cant worry too much about how it looks (its a gn) but yeah some slimmer LED ones would be better (but i want some decent visibility ones)


34 minutes ago, HighLUX said:

I have a spare bolt type light for you Tori

i got one and some other bits coming from a local ali express on seller, so im good on that front


1 hour ago, 00quattro00 said:

Cut a small bit out of the bottom of the tail light and glue in a bit of clear plastic

considered that, should post a side pic, i think it will be too far away/ wrong angle


man bikes are way nicer without all the legal junk that goes on them

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Ok I figured out the problem.

There's too much GN on this bike, so cut some off



cut 35mm out of the rear fender taking it from 160mm wide to 125mm wide. Which suits the 90/90 tyre much nicer imo. Front is 100mm wide on the same size, so I think that's a good width (and it's the width of two strips of masking tape so easy easy)

Still the same length to stop the rooster tails, wide enough to go up a width in tyre, and now the light doesn't look so lost 


Am I an East coast customs now?

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Good work man, that guard looks soooooo much better now. 

Can't believe the weight of that old tail light .I can't even get my head around it. 

This might be obvious from my posts here and on YT but I really like this project and your approach. It is such a perfect bike for weight reduction because the factory didnt pay any attention to it. Easy to make relatively huge gains, love it. 

I do think you should let me make you a new front guard tho. 

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i was thinking about that last night

maybe just copy the stock one, and i will make some slighly taller brackets/farm gn brackets for it


The tail light mount is like 2mm chrome steel, plus a reenforcement in the guard to help take the weight, i dont understand why they dont just parts bin a plastic one on there, its thicker steel than the frame. Plus theres an aditional coule of brackets inside the light to hold the bulb, hold the reflector etc, its pretty excessive


(and it still shakes bulbs to bits)


a lot of people are like - theres no way you can take 10kg out of a bike mate, you wont be able to keep it street legal. iw as like lol im almost already there without even modifying anything yet

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look at it this way- If you smash the guard I make then I'll fix the reason it failed in version 2.0.

This will be a freebie btw. You and the rest of oldschool have been great (Especially recently, shits been amazing) so good to give back

Edit. FYI, I smashed my ktm's wind shield. I'm 100% okay with this because it put the strength into context for me. Now I know what it took to make it fail, how it failed and how to fix it so it doesn't happen again. So in conclusion, give me a spare front guard so I can make a mold :-D

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