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Found 24 results

  1. Hey everyone, Better jump on the van wagon band and post a build thread about my mk2 van. Purchased from Alexandra, taken off the road to tidy it up and fix the rust. That was a couple of years ago, so ill play catch up with my posts to get it to the current state. Pretty standard apart from the 1600 and us800 mags. Mags and massive exhaust tip were the first to go This is how it sat before being taken of the road Plan is keep the 1600, panel up the windows and a few other bits
  2. Well had this for ages, drove for several years then rust got the better of it. But time has come for restoration
  3. Well I got me another van Plans are bright yellow, chrome bumpers, Mexico front lip, fishnets, 13x6 superlites and a 2lt Pinto + 5 speed type 9.
  4. Discussion: Link I bought Rolf (the golf) as my first car back in 2007 when I was 15 from a family friend. It had a damaged water pump and a broken radiator, and no oil in it. I found a water pump and a Haynes Manual on trademe and set to work, turns out the radiator was fine and no damage had been done to the engine due to the lack of oil. Its an awesome first car i drove it to and from school and university for a fair while on its standard 8 valve. Im filtering through all the previous build threads i made to try and create a bit of a timeline. This was always a learning experience and looking back on it some of the things I did I look back now and am a little concerned with. In saying that Ill probably do the same thing in 10 years time as well. 2010 (2l 16v swap) $500 engine with bent valves was all i could find but at the time it was a good excuse to learn how to rebuild the head.
  5. “I have no idea why why i'm doing this, it was a good idea at the time.” The story of this project begins with a little 1.3 Mk2 golf 3 door with a 4 speed manual delivered to MR J.G. Morton of London on the 4th of April 1984. The car was then imported into New Zealand in 1987 with 23000 miles on the clock. It enjoyed regular servicing and maintenance right up until a couple of years ago when someone decided the car was totally worthless and used it as a piss wagon. They drove it up a beach path and into a tree. It was green stickered, dereged and stuck on facebook for $300 which is where I come into the picture. I bought it to nab the trans and make an auto 1800 Mk2 golf a manual. When it was bought home we had a good look and realised the engine blocks were different. Wrong box...shit. A few bits were taken off it to make the auto pass a warrant and the little 1.3 was parked at mums and forgotten about for six months. Now I want to get it on the road. So, are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we shall begin. First step was to clean the inside of the car out as it was foul. I picked up The seats and door cards out of a GTI off trademe so that saves me getting the originals fixed but the rest of the interior still needes work. Ill get to that later. Discussion is here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53908-carsnz123s-1984-volkswagen-mk2-golf-3-door/
  6. OK team, it all starts this weekend and I thought I would kick off my first build thread post. I got my first car when I was 16. A poo brown 1979 Mk2 1300 4 door. This was alright for a while but it wasn't long before I managed to find a red 1980 Mk2 1600 Sport. This was purchased for $1000 and had a wof and everything. I put in my race motor and raced round the streets of Wellington. I think it was the loudest car around. Unfortunately rust was ripe in the Sport and I figured, being an apprentice mechanic, I would strip it down, fix the rust and rebuild. Well stripping it down I found it way worse than I imagined and it got brushed to the side while I found myself a new toy. The car got sold as it was and that was it. What an idiot I was. I always regretted selling it and when I finally decided to try and get my hands on another, prices had skyrocketed and I have spent the last 17 years always keeping my eye out but the dollars asked for anything close to what I want was well out of reach. In December, my wife was dropping a colleague home and spotted something red with a Ford badge in the corner of their garage. She asked what it was and it turned out to be the husbands 1980 Mk2 1600 Sport which had sat there for around 10 years. She came home and told me about it. I had her arrange a visit for me despite the car not being for sale or anything and a week later he had pulled it out of the corner and I was looking over this thing. It was stunning. It had a pretty average respray on the exterior which was starting to bubble but all the usual rust spots were incredible. Then, he asked if I wanted to buy it, things fell into place and it now has a new owner. The idea is to take it back to showroom condition. The photo of the paperwork it has is pretty much a testimate to just how good this car is. I will build a bit of a build list but will pull everything out, start a shopping list, freshen the motor, rebuild brakes and do a respray and see where we end up. I will keep this as up to date as possible but I can not wait to be out cruising the streets of Wellington with my wife and daughter in what is pretty much my dream car. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/58013-bams-1980-mk2-escort-1600-sport-discussion/
  7. Picked this up today. Not got many plans for it at the moment. Take the bumpers off and try and get them a little darker. Also try and get some new door cards as they aren't in good condition. Comments welcome!
  8. Went to start up my Mk2 Panelvan, left it too long... engine has siezed. Any tips to unseize it (preferably without taking the engine out of the car)?
  9. my mk2 escort shes not mint but runs well and has been a reliable daily driver for the 5 or so months ive owned it there is a patch of rust bubbling that I think ill need cut out and welded back up for next wof in November im hoping to sand it back and prep for paint early next year so if anyone has any tips that would be very helpful sometime next year I would also like to put a 1600 in it but im happy with the 1300 for now will post more pics and what not when shit gets done its a slow process tho lol Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40977-1979-ford-escort/
  10. I am wanting to build a complete new exhaust for my MK2 1600X/Flow Cortina. I have Coby extractors and 45mm piping plus a Coby resonator or two. Could anyone give me some advice on what layout I should have. I have heard someone saying that having a smaller resonator in the middle and a slightly bigger one at the back is good. Also will I need a muffler or just put in some exhaust wool? I am wanting it to be relativly lound but not annoying, I am wanting it to pop and cackle on deacceleration but understand this my not be possible with the stock cam.
  11. Link to build thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48068-m-ms-1989-vw-golf-mk2/
  12. hey all got a mk2 cortina 1968 that have been rebuilding for many many years time to finish the dam thing so got some q's.. engine has been rebuilt but been sitting in my garage for 5 years... do i need to pull it apart and oil it up? never been turned over since built.. been in a dry garage for the past 5 years.. needing a new bonnet looking to buy twin 40 dcoe webbers jetted to run a A6 cosworth cam any one know a good place to buy.. needing some extractors to be made to any one keen? and a ignition system setup ? photos tomorrow ben
  13. Bought this sport back in September 2011. With it needing a few jobs to bring it to standard.
  14. Hi all, im new here and thought i would give you a look at the car im working on at the mo, hopefully she will be legal in the next week or so, so i can get some driving in before school starts again lol.... 1980 mk2 escort coupe -Just painted in gloss white with mettalic silver racing stripes with black pinstripes -Fibreglass front spoiler -Satin chrome powder-coated bumpers (matches colour of racing stripes) -13inch pollished tridents with brand new 215/50/13 toyo directionals (mean looking tread!) -2L 205 block pinto and 5speed, running on quad 42mm throttle bodies and injec racing link computer -2 1/2 inch straight through exhaust with single pollished race muffler on back -Has prelude seats in front, escort sport in back, interior is next priority after WOF After sorting out a few ignition problems she runs sweet as now and sounds awesome Heres a few pics from assembly after paint, is alot more complete atm but just to give you an idea....if i can figure out how to put the pics up haha Great site guys, i hope to see some of your rides one day! oh and btw how do i get a dirty big oldshool sticker for the esky??
  15. well thought i might aswell put my car on here had it for ages now and been on here for a while... Ford Mk2 Cortina 1968 (Series 1) began like this... didnt come with the chromes ...looked yuk anyway 8 mods as to date: Engine : 1600 x flow Engine Mods : 1600, X-flow, Twin Side Draughts, Mild Cam, Chrome rocker cover, Oil Cooler, Micro Dynamics Alpha Ignition With Rev Limiter, Alternator, Battery In Boot, Kill Switch, Escort Floor Change Gearbox, Free Flow Exhaust System, Lightened Flywheel, Msd Blaster Coil Interior : e Seats, e Console, Gt Dash, Gt Gauges, New Parcel Tray Covered In Vinyl, Sports Line Wheel, Alarm Exterior : Resprayed (Looks Like Crap Going To Do A Respray Soon), Overriders, Personalised Plate, Lowered All Around, Front Wheels on Camber, Double Front Sway Bar Wheels : Mini-Lite Mag Wheels With Firestone Tyres here some pics of what it looks like now, can post pics of all the parts ive got and other pics of my car aswell getting my side draughts fitted at the moment not going to be a cable throttle setup got a custom lever system made up, next mods going to be full paint job and new rubbers
  16. Well, I wish it was mine. It's actually my old mans. Has alot of history surrounding it (being one of the 1st in the world for example), has been in multiple magazines and books & won best car at several car shows, has every factory option ever available back then, and is 100% original - paint included (in fact it's starting to crazy crack on the roof and bonnet, and bar a couple of things like stereo and Klaxon horn that previous owner installed). And it's also painted in an experimental colour which is only used on it - Ford decided against using it. Oh, it's got it's original matching pedal car Also came with the shed of parts pictured - including the shed. Theres a replacement for everything on the car. Body panels and all. All mechanical etc etc blah blah blah
  17. Well Here's my project car at the moment.Own 2 of them and am in the process of making one good one from 2 cars. Plenty of pics to post as the work progresses. It will be a one of a kind as im not going for the original look.Here's the details on what should be in it when its finished. Engine: 1600 x-flow which will be modified. will list what as it gets done. Body: Is going to be Zazzy green which is a metalic green mitsi colour with 1k clearcoat. Chrome strips from the back are not going to be put back on but other chrome bits and peices are. Wheels: 13x7 polished hotwires( still trying to get some nice tyres, most likey get 205 50's) Interior: Custom white with green insert bench seats with custom made sub box with amp, front speaker pods, Autogauge gauges, neons under dash, Autotechnica Woodgrain wheel, race pedals, custom painted column change with custom gear knob, Sony Xplod Audio package. That's just a minor run down but will add more detail as the project comes together
  18. MY First Love Geniune GT with some fruity bits worked 1500gt engine. period minilites with new kumoh white letter tyres, doesnt need anything doing.... just needs using and enjoying... is currently running 110 octane AV Gas... goes mean as..... this is what it looked like when i got it (Gold SupaLights)
  19. Got a new car. 3rd owner. snot green 1600 kent bench seat good interior column shift turbo chevoits pretty straight Its just an awsome cruiser. Hav just changed diff head. new tie rod arms, tail lights, filter, oil etc etc. Has mad shit diff ratio and revs hard at 110k. Only drive her at 100 max id say.
  20. Well I paid $300 for it about 3 years ago when I was 14 , it was red, rusty and neglected. Only had one owner, but he became unable to drive so it sat in his backyard for 7 years.... ) Done all the work on it myself to get it to the stage its at now: Sorry, no before pics as yet http://img45.echo.cx/my.php?image=317nm.jpg Pretty much fully stripped and rebuilt everything - suspension, brakes etc, so even the underbody is mint Its dropped 4" at the rear and 1" at the front, on cortina struts. The pinto should even up the ride height tho, if not then I'll raise the back an inch or so.... I just started the 2.0 litre, 5 spd conversion last weekend. Only got the block in there at the moment because im still finishing off the head. Also still need to get hold of the gearbox. Heres a couple of pics on its progress so far anyway: http://img20.echo.cx/my.php?image=2ltr1zi.png http://img51.echo.cx/my.php?image=2litre1ik.png They were taken from a phone, at night so theyre not the best quality. Also not the best angles because I had to avoid the glare from the light, so yea. Ill post up some better ones soon anyway.
  21. Heya i posted on here ages ago when my car was in the process of being rebuilt, and just thought i'd post up again as it is now finished...so here are the pics. Let me know what you think, Cheers Krista http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort002.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort003.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort008.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort009.jpg Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/18951-mk2-girls-escort-discussion/
  22. well finally got my coupe back and is on the road now still lots of work to be done, but atleast its on the road.. got lots of plans for it once ive paid off all my bills Will get some pics soon
  23. thought it was about time i got off my arse and posted it up, here goes 1968 mk2 cortina 1600, column change, bench seat, yeeha MODS: ENGINE, 1984 chevy 229v6 [3.8lt] SPECS: steel crank , shot peened rods , 60 thou over flat top pistons, 10.5-1 comp, 58lift/310dur crow cam, solid lifters, hardened pushrods, yella terra roller rockers, oversize stainless valves, double valve springs, titainium retainers, heads fully ported and polished, edelbrock victor jnr manifold, 465cfm holley 4 barrel, HEI ignition, rev kit , moroso 50,000 volt coil, custom headers hpc coated, custom winged sump, engine is fully balanced and will rev to 8000rpm. power approx 320hp@7250rpm TRANS: GMH turbo 350 with h/duty clutches and a stage 2 shift kit, holden 1 tonner d/shaft with h/duty uni joints, 3000rpm stall convertor DIFF: ford 8 in 4.11 gears and mini spool , caltrac traction bars SUSPENSION/BRAKES: FRONT- toyota soarer vented rotors, volvo 4 spots, lovells springs, monroe gt gas shocks, mk3 zephyr hubs[falc stud pattern] REAR: mustang drums , stock rear leaves , gt gas shocks, sierra master cyl BODY: full respray arctic white , full rewire , deloomed engine bay, polished grill , modded cordia scoop, datto 1600sss seats, autometer tach, B+M shifter, new hood lining in black , resprayed sun visors, new parcel tray carpet , sprayed door trims,
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