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  1. Yeah sold steelings, they are nw on black mk4 cortina in dunedin
  2. the package deal was $895 for mags and tyes but by the time they were on the car it cost me around $1100 as they are not 4x108 stud pattern they are actually 4x110, they now offer a floating wheel nut that accounts for the extra 2mm so no slotting is needed. I also had to buy all new wheel studs and get them drilled to suit the hubs as the floating wheel nuts dont come in 7/16 thread so all the studs were chagned to 12x1.5. so with the studs, labour, floating wheel nuts etc it come to just shy of $1100.
  3. Brought some new wheels for the cortina the other week while mag and turbo had a good package deal to offer. Getting a few ideas sorted for the next mk2 project thats in the garage. was thinking a v8 of some sort as I have been informed of a 289 sitting in a crate that just needs a freshen up but also thainking twin cam maybe, any ideas welcome as to what could make a cool project.
  4. cheers guys, yea I waited about 6 months to get it in the classic ford mag from the uk but its finally good to see it in there. It does need lowered but i think only at the front, plans are to compress springs or something like that to bring front down so the car sits level as im happy with where the rear end sits for now plus also live in a hilly area in dunedin with a bastard of a driveway so any lower and id have to park on the street so no deal there, Just the new kings i put on the front lifted it up a bit and the low option dropped it 120mm more and they were loose and could be moved while sitting in the strut so was no way i was guna roll with them so sent them back and went with standard option, Doesnt look to appealing height wise but it sticks to the road real nice ae, cant fault it. Back home at the mo workin on it, put a new clutch kit in it yesterday as my old clutch plate was stripped back to the rivets so made for some interesting take offs and gear changing. also thanks to the mass flooding in otago and me using it as a daily driver the gearbox manged to have water in it so was a nice creamy mess when it was taken out yesterday. Mechanically the car is spot on and its realiable as hell, just get in and go, just going over the cosmetic side of it now and spending money on the chrome bits and making it look better. putting some 205 60's on the front soon so that im rolling on 205 60's all round, hopefully that will make it look slightly better as well sidewall wise so theres no difference. thats about all for now
  5. yea was hoping for that but i know its a big ask, Are you able to go and work on your cars where you have them stored or is it only a storage area only?
  6. If anyone can help me out regarding dry storage or shed where i can store one of my mk2 cortinas that would be a big help. I work in the transport industry so could work out a deal , stoarge for cheap freight if not free depending on what the item is. as a tempter I got a gearbox sent down for my car at a cost of a 24pack and it was sent from the north Island. let me know if you can help.
  7. Wasnt planning to buy another one for awhile but offered this one for $1000 so couldnt pass it up. Plates still live on hold and comes with the gte dash and smiths gauges all in mint condition so that was worth buying just for that, also has had a new hoodlining at some stage, Going to take awhile doing this one and as I dont know what exactly i'll do to it but couldnt pass it up. heres some pics
  8. gutted man, atleast ul come home with some more coin to spend on it. im working nightshift at the moment to pay for the bits i've just brought for mine. its all worth it in the end.
  9. cheers mate, Havnt ben too worried about it so far as it isnt a wof issue but for the fact that if it falls over and shorts out something i should probably do that. yeah you get the bug once you start workin on them. havnt stopped workin on mine all the 4 and a bit years i've had it. Cars going to be at the Cromwell car show on the 23rd of Jan if you wana do a roadie . In saying that tho the 4 day rangiora show will pull a big crowd on the same day and weekend.
  10. better put some updated pics of my mk2 , still spending money on it as we all know they are never finished. just finsihed some more detail work in the engine bay with new chrome wire loom sleeving and chrome caps for all the bolts. first week in Feb it will be getting a 4 speed floor change put in and the column change coming out as it wont stop leaking and i've had my fun with that so time for a floor change, also going to be putting wider Gt drums on the back, got a polished and painted alternator off a mitsi to go on so i can ditch my lucas ones as I havnt had a god run with them lately. also going to be gettig a dynaliner kit for under bonnet to tidy up that some more so will post pics of that for anyone interested, also have a chrome thermostat housing i picked up off trademe new that was for a 55 chev but has the same diamter as the crossflow thermo housing, just needs the bolts holes die grinded a bit to fit. feel free to ask any questions for those interested if your wanting to know where I got bits from or anything else you want to know re the cortina. thats about it for now.
  11. didnt take many pics at all as it was listed in our mission statement, less emphasis on taking millions of photos and more on meeting good cunts to help with our cars. Oh and hamish, remember that looking both ways is always a good thing when doing a u turn so you dont cause traffic coming the other way to stop in the middle of the road to avoid t-boning your prestine oldschool soarer, I mean if you got hit imagine how hard it would be finding parts for that classic oldschool machine. Its not even worth risking taking it out for the next meet up ae,just to be on the safe side I think you should leave it parked up. You dont want the hassle of filling out the insurance work, so just catch a ride in an xf with louvers. you'd be the coolest thing since vegemite chips.
  12. can I not just connect the catch tank up to the Pcv valve without having to cut the base off it? would The catch tank im looking at has steel wool inside it and seems to me like it would act as a pcv valve. my theory was just to run a pipe from the pcv valve to the catch tank then use the otther pipe on the catch tank to run another pipe to the manifold.
  13. Looking into getting an oil catch tank for the cortina and not 100% sure how to go about setting it up. Anyone done anything like this for a 1600 x-flow?
  14. Not an expert on the cam side of it by any means but I wouldnt suggest just getting a cam off trademe and stickin it in and hoping for the best. If you get a cam thats more of a race grind or spec you'll find you'l have issues with the car not going right and be a pig to drive round town. As hamradio told me through an email the BCF2 grind will give you even more power but it will not idle well below 1000RPM and If you want to have a lightened fly wheel in there to that will make tick over even worse. the bcf1 grind is similar to the gt sport spec cam I have in mine if you are looking for alternatives. The cam in mine cost around 200 all up and that was from kelfords and you have peace of mind being able to send it back if somethings not right and you have the spec sheet that comes with it. A few mates tried to convince me not to put the cam in it and told me it would idle like crap etc but its drives real nice round town idels at 900rpm and has good power throught the rev range. Dont take it the wrong way if you wana go out there and do something different go for it y all means but just check out your options before deciding on waht way to go. just my 2 cents worth mate
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