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  1. Awesome. Will check them out. Haven't seen it in a polo but it's been done into mk1 golfs and quite a common swap into a mini.
  2. Unfortunately he isn't keen to do it. Maybe should have been more specific, its a b16a motor and box into my vw polo... Been talking to the man from L and B auto but would be keen if anyone has any first hand experience with someone
  3. Awesome, will give him a call tomorrow.
  4. Hi, Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for workshops / garages / people to do an engine swap on my VW polo. Got a full donor car ready to go, just wanting a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  5. Picked this up today. Not got many plans for it at the moment. Take the bumpers off and try and get them a little darker. Also try and get some new door cards as they aren't in good condition. Comments welcome!
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