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  1. Did I see you fixing a broken down Falcon(?) or something?
  2. Mostly you need it to enter the official cruises to get into the special parking at the end of the runs - Waihi, Whitianga, Onemana, Whangamata For the Onemana one, you need to second sticker they put on when you line up at the start so people can't join 1/2 way through. There is also a special entrants-only draw for $10k on the Sunday.
  3. Have had no problems using the properly marked cu/ni tube from a brake shop.
  4. The caddy was from Ashburton
  5. Second attempt, who's still going?
  6. Looking good there KK It's amazing what they can do with bog these days. J/K, looks sweet.
  7. Looking forward to seeing the dicks brakes:)
  8. Yeah, I'll just clamp a bit of hose on the cooler ports Need to block the speedo drive hole (as I found out last night while lifting it)
  9. Thanks Rogee, name is the key, Do you reckon they would work when the engine is going and tranny is in Park?
  10. C4 BNT didn't have Type-F fluid either. Disappoint I wanted to fire up my 'running' flathead to show off to the Morrie Club this weekend, but don't need trans fluid all over.
  11. Any ideas on where to get one of these things in NZ BNT had no clue /noaliexpressbuttplugsuggestionsthanks
  12. I'm still grumpy that they wouldn't provide the pdf version to people that had purchased the paper version previously.
  13. Nice work to get it running. Never doubted that the B-series would fire up though!