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  1. @Beaver might wrangle that and the supercharger for us?
  2. The fuel pump bypass check valve is probably to allow you to use the electric pump in conjunction with a mechanical pump on the engine (usual USA V8 style) I run mine without that, just a filter directly before the pump. I took off the mechanical pump.
  3. A fool and his tool money are soon parted
  4. Remember how long they were selling new L300's though
  5. That is a specific approach from the govt https://rightcar.govt.nz/scrapping-a-vehicle
  6. Unlikely How was the rego cancelled if they didn't hand the plates in? Probably you are out of a luck but might be worth a call to NZTA
  7. Heavy vehicles are a different crowd. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/hvsc/tb/modifications-to-trucks-cabs Main lesson is, don't cut up the cab nowadays. Pretty harsh to be invalidating existing builds though.
  8. Flathead and Fast don't really go together, unless you fit an air pump.
  9. I'd suggest starting at 1k each and see how you go.
  10. Wind up clock spring starter like the lawnmowers used to have?
  11. For general garage activities I've had fair luck either getting a take-out one from the local garage that still load tests OK, or buying used ones on FB/TM. Only lost out once on a dud for $50.
  12. How smashed? I'd probably just 'plate over' it with some plastic sheeting of some sort and jb weld or silicone. It's just another vent, right?
  13. Pushed the B-pillar up some on one side then welded in a brace. Need to do the other side now Top tip, don't use the rubber pusher end on the ram against a sharp edge. Also unbolted the rear seat back without too much trouble. Had to dismantle it quite a bit to remove the main support bracket so it can go into the molasses tank.
  14. Carb to EFI or vice versa is now explicitly captured
  15. Every job on a car project is worth doing twice, if not three times.
  16. You have to deal with emissions a bit.
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