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Project Golf kart


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On 31/12/2021 at 14:46, kicker said:

A sensor extension tube should work too

Tried that on mine when I went decat, didn't work. Even tried the fancy one with a "cat" in the extension, and didn't work either. Needed to be tuned out. 

It's a VW, just let the light of its people glow bright until you tune it. 

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3 hours ago, sidewaysickness said:

I opened this thread thinking, fuck yeah this is something I need to look into as we have a broken one sitting here.... it was not what I expected lol


GIZ! so I can jam an ecotec in It.

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1 hour ago, sidewaysickness said:

Do you know much about mk2 Kjet injection?? I need to find someone that knows all about that fuckery

Is it actually K-jet, or Digifant?

There's not much to a K-jet system, and even less that's able to be fucked around with by stray fingers.

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Brought a set of gti rims with near new ar1 semi slicks for cheap.

Looks like guy rolled his gti  at a track day:/


Should help with fwd traction after tune.

Thinking will paint the spare set of rims a darker silver/grey see how they look against the graphite blue colour of the car





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