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Tortrons espresso CB650


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these are super sweet bikes, my father in law has one that he's had since 1985, did his first brass monkey on it in 1986 and then his last one on it earlier this year. also talked about wanting to get rid of it so ive put my name on it. shit they sound good.


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Checked out the cylinders today. 

Head gasket is damp on the edges, they have some O rings in there that dry out and cause leaks, that might be part of it. 

Plugs 1-2 were rich but OK, some oil on the threads but seemed to be coming from a valve cover leak 

Plugs 3-4 oil contamination and oil up the threads. 

Did a leak down test. 

#1 15%

#2 can't get the fitting to thread in, plug goes in and out fine, idk

#3 40%

#4 75%

On 3 and 4 all the air is coming out the crank case, so they have ringed their last ding I'd say




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Well not so bad

All the cylinders are silky smooth, so sign of crosshatching left, pistons are snug in the bore, so I think a hone and ring will do the job. Will measure the bores tomorrow


#2 has half of my sparkplug threads in it, that explains why the plug was screwing in, but the leak down fitting which is half the length was not. It wasn't even that tight and the bits don't feel like aluminium to me, I think it's been stripped before and jbweld or threadlocked in there tbh. Will look at a threadrepair thing or look at the spare head (which I now feel was supplied for that reason) 

Head gasket and orings were not original honda, head gasket is full of absorbed oil, but the o rings were new. 

The rubber bungs that stop oil running out of the valve cover and down the head bolts were siliconed up. So general dick fingers have been at it I think. 

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Measured up the cylinders

Not warped

No scratches

Nice and parallel 

Stock is 59.800-59.810mm service limit at 59.90mm

I'm getting 59.805 ish right across the 4 at all heights so an ideal outcome. 

Will give them a zing with a dingle hone, new gaskets (cant get genuine which I'd prefer so same as what was in there is what I will settle for) and new standard rings, which I can get genuine. 


Base gasket was real brittle, and some crap was under the gasket. So I'm figuring there was a gasket job done to replace those O rings that leak oil, and it was a shit job where base gasket was left and just the top ones done, smoo up the head and away we go. 


Should have just done the job correctly and been riding the bike for 10 years m9



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11 minutes ago, flyingbrick said:

My KTM had a shit battery when I got it and was sometimes a cunt to start.. used to HATE gas stations. Nothing worse than ppl watching you trying to kick start something like that.

I used to start my morrie by popping the bonnet, holding the choke lever by hand, and pressing the in engine bay starter switch. So many crowds

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