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my new problematic daily....its a mk1 focus st170

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so i bought a new (for me ..actually the newest car I've ever owned ) daily driver.(had it since august now)

its a 2003 mk1 ford focus st170.

i have wanted one of these for a long time  and we didnt get many at all here in nz so they dont come up for sale ...very often .. they are problematic and are known to had issues from the day they came off the production line.

but that problematic nature got me a good deal..it was $6900 from the dealer and had been traded in..(177000 odd ks.......should have imploded by now)..but evertime time someone test drove it the check engine light came on ..so they returned it...i drove it 3 times over the space of a week and the light came on within the test drive each time.  (5min -30min).

so i went back and just said i would take it off they're hands for $3500 with no warranty  ....just slap a wof and reg on it and ill take it...(dont think they did much reading up on it.)

few days later and probably a few other test drives they rang me and i went and picked it up...(engine light came on on the way home.) but as im pretty updo date on these things i also know that nothing the engine light comes on for will put it into limp mode....and some have had the light on for 10 years in the uk lol....they even say you should be concerned if it doesn't come on....

so a small run down on these mk1 focus st170.

the motor is a 2.0 zetec (not duratec as it says on plug cover).the motor was developed by cosworth and is 2.0 block with forged pistons and a 10.2 compression. . alloy high flow head (the flow is shit to be honest and people have had huge gains porting them) , vvt on the intake (problematic) dual stage intake manifold (the controller is problematic ) stainless 4 into 2 into1 headers and high flow cat..and a sports exhaust ( sounds good) ..has a pre and post cat o2 seonsors (also problematic ).has a factory cold air feed to air box that doesnt acutallu go to the airbox. a dual mass flywheel 9 that i cant stand)and all of this is good for 170hp and the cut is 8000rpm.

has a close ratio 6 speed box  , quick rack steering  , huge brakes front and rear , factory 17s with 215 tyres, traction control  , factory reacrao seats , .

and being a jap inport it doesnt have the uk rust ( and these things are dropping down in numbers daily due to the rust issues.)...its a blood fun car and handles well......even cocks a leg when you throw it into roundabouts..

since i had it ive had the inlet runner controler  apart and cleared that code...replaced the pre o2 and cleared that code....(engine light came back on the same day lol). replaced the plugs (not cheap and need to be gapped at 1mm no more and no less...runs like shit otherwise)...i do have a new coil pack and leads on the way as well... i pulled the inlet manifold off last weekend (complete arse of a job)  re greased the moving parts and changed the broken vacume hoses ..made a cold air feed and thats where im upto now....

i do have some plans for it slowly as it is my daily (seems better on 100 octane as well)..and just fix things as they go wrong.........

and here she it......in imperial blue as well......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm imperial blue









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2 minutes ago, locost_bryan said:

Ooh, I've got one of those in my slot car set. :-)

Looks like you got a bargain there @d.p.n.s :thumbleft:

i did mate and i willing to work through the issues....might eliminate some later on down the line with a black top head and maybe inlet  ....turbo and a link ecu. lol

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Check out the Marcus Hayes channel on YouTube, he's always ducking with st170 motors in his Mk1, mk2, plastic fiesta and his old man's shitter wagon.. Quite interesting setups with its, weber and el stockos

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22 hours ago, shizzl said:

Check out the Marcus Hayes channel on YouTube, he's always ducking with st170 motors in his Mk1, mk2, plastic fiesta and his old man's shitter wagon.. Quite interesting setups with its, weber and el stockos

yeah man seen most of them.

its a pretty good motor...would be way better in a lighter car.

I'm trying to get a complete head sent out from the uk to give to a mate at kennelly cams.....see if he can give me a hand to get it over 200hp at the wheels with itbs.

just hard to do with the car being daily...lol.

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