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Job offer . Excavator operator chch.

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Our small company requires an experienced excavator operator/leading hand
We are a very small company, with 9 staff.we have 5 diggers from 2.5 to 14 ton, which we need for different operations.
We are a civil construction company,specialising in hill digouts, gravel rafts, demolition(as required)driveways and retaining walls. We also have a permanent gang on domestic drainage.
The applicant must be able to set up laser and dig to required levels, work in with builders, and supervise a labourer. He also needs to be familiar with trucks and quarries,and organisation of materials.
He must be able to digout and competently prep up driveways,Carpark’s etc, for concrete and or Ashphalt.
There will be a Ute provided, with tools, laser and fuel tank on board.
NB , the last operator, after 7.5 years of flawless workmanship, has decided to stay back in Philippines, and has left some very big boots to fill!

Joe. Pm me for contact details please. Cheers. 

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what company do you work for/own (if you do)

would be good to add another company to the calling card for sometimes quite short notice work, centered around installing test sections of roadside barriers, but moreso the earthworks related to that. 


/thread hijack

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