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VG's grot bikes: CT200 AG & TA02 GYRO

Vintage Grumble

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Also first test ride was a ooge success, runs really well now, and all the little changes have made it much nicer to ride. I just need to grease and adjust the head set bearings and that's about it.

It's quite talkey, but does indeed max out around 90/95 on the flat, seems like it's running out of revs, so might try one of the smaller cogs and see if it has enough grunt to pull 100+.

Pretty happy with it tbh. Excellent.

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On 05/02/2024 at 19:55, tortron said:


Jialing one will work/it's the same thing. 

Otherwise look at Xl185 ones


This place doesn't seem to exist anymore. The internet told me Agtorque was an agent for Jialing, but they aren't, so not sure if there is an agent in NZ anymore? Had a hoon on Ali & ebay but no luck so far. 

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On 12/03/2024 at 14:05, Vintage Grumble said:

Have done a few very short rides on this bad boy, and its running pretty damn good. Its quite nice to ride also, which is a bonus. At nats I did a 75km trip from nats HQ to a museum in Cambridge, and just to be safe, I decided to re-fill it before departing for nats HQ on the return trip. It went onto reserve in the middle of the road in front of the service station, which was a bit of a surprise, as I was told it would do 200km on a tank (6L) but had only managed 75ish. That's around 8L/100km, which isn't great. J5's bike which is very similar, and was pulling the same speeds, and is only 15cc smaller in capacity, used just over half as much from memory, so somethings not quite right. Its defiantly running rich, and often smells a bit gasey, but I cant find gas leaking out anywhere. Will dropping the needle make a noticeable difference? Cant really think of anything else to check/change?

I did manage to hit the metric ton in a two lane flat express way race with J5 though, so that's a new PB.

Also also, a person on TM who confirmed they had both racks I need, then ghosted me super hard when I tried to buy them. BUT I mentioned to a customer that I yarn to about shit old bikes, what I was after, said his best mate apparently has at least 6x CT200's laying around, so he is actively trying to source the racks for me, excite.   



Regards, VG.

Here's a thought, is the petrol tank crossover pipe blocked? Would only give you half the usable tank capacity which would appear similar as using shitloads of fuel...

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11 minutes ago, anglia4 said:

Checked the state of the air filter?

Yeh the filter is mint, looks to be new. It doesn't need any choke to start, so I'm fairly sure its running rich. Smells a bit rich too. I'll start by dropping the needle down a bit and see what happens.   

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