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VG's grot bikes: CT200 AG & TA02 GYRO

Vintage Grumble

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13 minutes ago, MopedNZ said:

Did you get to meet the Viking lad selling them @Vintage Grumble? Tried to palm those off to me after sending a lot of messages asking for help and I still haven't replied. 

Dodged that bullet. Yeeehaw. 

Haha, yep he mentioned you a few times. You should be safe, he no longer has any small bikes. He was a nice, but slightly odd chap. 

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7 minutes ago, Vintage Grumble said:

Haha, yep he mentioned you a few times. You should be safe, he no longer has any small bikes. He was a nice, but slightly odd chap. 

He's gone full sustainability and looking into communes around NZ to join. Good times. Welded a few of my bike things up before. Good luck with the bikes. Do a big Suzuki skid!

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I can't imagine how fast the 650s are, must be nuts.

Edit: apparently with the correct technique, they can do 0-100 in 4.6 seconds.

Edit edit: last night I found out why the back wheel of bike no2 was never changed to the OG wheel, the later model motors have a way shorter output shaft, and the OG brake/wheel combo doesn't fit.


I'm going to yank the final drive shaft out of the bung motor and see if it will fit in this one, because I'd like matching wheels. Not the end of the world if it doesn't, but worth a go.

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Yeh so the final drive shafts were the same, just different in the dingus length. Swapped that over and bam, matching wheels. Also wanted to run the correct muffler, which involved changing the gigantic bracket they hang off. The skywave muffler has 3 bolts vs boomermans 2, and sits on a very slightly different angle, so also had to change the little header pipe. 



(Note finger in shot, like a legit boomer)


Then I put it all back together using the best bits of both bikes. Note $17 AliExpress shield extension, and burgman forum badge.




I dailyed it to work for a couple of weeks, goes hard for what it is, but sadly I'm too tall for it, it just owns my legs and back, because I can't get my ass back far enough (note removed lumber support in attempt to move ass back) so I'm going to have to move it on. Bit of a PITA, but hey, what's a brother going to do?

I had a bit of free time, so started playing with the skywave. Determined the fuel pump was not dead (as last owner was told by mechanic). It had spark, so figured out the wiring for the pump and sender (had been chopped off) and wired it up. Then after a bit of fooling about figured out it was just a bung relay stopping the pump and injection. Changed the relay out and bam, started straight up. Stoked. I went back later for more mending, and every time I hooked the battery up, it would blow a fuse (had a few blown fuses before I started playing around) after blowing a few more, I discovered some wires shorting out. Sorted that and no more blown fuses. But now it won't run, dumb. It's flashing the F1 light, which I think is basically the check engine light. Also the dash lights flicker randomly, so something somewhere is not happy. While trying to find a wiring diagram, I found the actual bike on another forum. Good to see it has a long history of wiring faults, lolols.


Hopefully I can sort it out, as I have to flick this one off too. I might even be able to break even, ha.

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So the new misery is a 1984 CT200 auto ag, which has a WOF (surprisingly) and rego (farm, but will switch to std, is classic now too!) which is a bonus. It's in pretty good nick for a 40 y/o farm bike, but still needs a bit of love. I purchased it site unseen, so didn't know what condition it was in. I took it for a rip Friday night, and it started off well, but died under de-acceleration into a turn, then gas started pouring out the float bowl overflow. I managed to get it running again, but it was being a complete pile of cocks. I got home and whipped the carb off, and found a bit of detritus on the side of the float needle, and the idle jet was completely blocked. I had a senior moment and found the idle jet fit a 1mm drill perfectly in both ends, but wouldn't go through. I thought that was the blockage, but I've since bothered to look up the jet size, and it's meant to be 0.35mm, lololols. So yeh, it won't idle now (it's mega rich), so looking for a new jet. 



A few of the things I would like to fix/replace/attain are:

Both foot pegs are no longer flippy uppey spec, so would like to replace them. Seems they might be shorter than they are supposed to be too. The foot brake pivot is super loose as well, so will need to buy/make a bush for that.


It's also missing the front and back racks, so would like to find them. All four indicators are held together with tape, so will replace all of them. The back ones mount to the rack normally I think.


The old owner must have had freakishly long thumbs, I need to move all the switch things closer to the grips.


The wiring around headset has all been rejoined, I assume due to rubbing through, but hasn't been covered, so will sort that.


The stand is all caddywhompus, it came with a few spares, so I'll make a decent one out of them/some steel tube/plate.


The forks have been changed to longer/better spec ones, but the speedo cable is hilariously long, so will try shorten that.


Both tyres are roooooted, dry rotted and grot. Hard to get a pic, but somehow the front has worn down every 2nd or 3rd knob way more/less than the next, so odd.


But it came with a brand new set of Dunlops, so we are gravy.


So yeh, has decent bones, just lots of barryness to correct. The motor had a top end rebuild some time ago, and seems healthy. It has an XR200 piston, new cam chain, and seals etc. 

The other night it would sit at about 90/95 wide open in 5th, my mission is to get it to 100/105 so it can do open road speeds. It came with a few sprockets, and maybe with an exhaust and carb it might do it. This thing is meant to be 13hp, and the XR200 that's the same core motor, just with a better cam (maybe head too?) etc is like 23hp, so there are options.

Regards, V "get in behind you mongrel" G.

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Oh, and it has both a hand lever AND a foot pedal for the rear brake, but because the hand one is on the left, I keep thinking it's a clutch lever. I yanked it a few times in error, but luckily it's not very effective. I think I will just remove the whole rear hand brake set up, as its sort of pointless.

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